Swampfox builds flutes to the cutting edge of Native American Inspired Flute technology using precision tools found mostly in the Aircraft industry. These tools have to be calibrated to perfection and are extremely accurate which enable these flutes to become some of the best in the world today.

From the early age of 7 years old, Swampfox knew that he was put on this earth to build the Native American Inspired Flute, frequently asking his Grandfather questions about it's construction. He is of NA heritage. Although he has worked in the modern world, he has lived as close to the old ways as possible, spending much of his time in the swamps and waterways of GA.

During his entire life he has only worked for two companies, but has explored many different fields within these places of business, all of which in his mind have been for one purpose... To perfect the Native American Inspired Flute. Not a day goes by that his mind isn't on this instrument. The positions he has held are as follows: 1. Builder of precision parts for the automotive industry. 2. Inspector of precision parts. 3. Manager of a shipping Dept.. 4. Calibrator of precision instruments. 5. Holds a certificate in the craft of locksmithing and is a bonded Locksmith. 6. For the airline industry he is an advanced composite specialist. 7. Holds an Aircraft Mechanic's license which includes both Airframe & Powerplant ratings. 8. He currently works live aircraft for a major airline in Atlanta GA.

Swampfox built his first NAF at the age of 19. He still owns that flute today, and although it was beginner's luck, the flute came out with a beautiful voice. At his job he tries to give 100%, but in the back of his mind there is always the Native American Inspired Flute.

His flutes are built to the highest standards known today using top quality instruments to achieve Concert Quality flutes for the professional musician and novice alike. The flutes play effortlessly, and with the slightest breath achieve top volume, allowing the musician to play longer with better control during live performances and recording. Swampfox has been told by top musicians that his flutes are some of the best in sound quality in the world today.

During the 1996 Olympics his flute went all over the world. Flutes can be mass produced, but never has this crossed the mind of Swampfox. There is a higher power source available to every man, but few call on this to help them in their creations. As he asks for guidance from the Spirit Father, it still amazes him every time the story and the flute unfold before his very eyes! Not one is made without the help of the Creator himself. This constant contact during the building process and choosing a totem sets these flutes apart as they become a blessing and powerful pray tool to the new owner.


You are listening to Swampfox as he plays the last of the four wollves created long ago. It is a flute given to him from Creator, and has the voice of three.