Blessings to all on this beautiful day from the Swampfox Family!!!! :))

To become extinct is the greatest tragedy in nature.

Extinction means that an entire species in Gone Forever.

Many believe that the Imperial Woodpecker took it's last breath in the year of 1956 - At 24 inches in length, the world's Largest Woodpecker has never been found again.

The Native people of Durango believed the bill of this bird would draw sickness from the body! It's eyes were as brillant as the sun!

Beyond the realm of avian species there once lived a bird Grander than any other Woodpecker in the Nation.

It is with great pleasure I bring to you a flute called "Cumecocari", an Imperial Woodpecker once widespread throughout the Sierri Madre Mountains - This bird is known to be extinct as a result of man's deforestation in it's natural habitat.

The Giant Walnut Mega-Bore is home to the Imperial Woodpecker. At night he simply hops right into the barrel of the flute! heheee! :)) Keyed to LOW Cm. Flute weighs in at a whopping 29 inches in length with a bore dia of over 1.25 inches!

The voice is that of a time long past, just as the bird it represents, it has now become the Rarest Swampfox flute in the world.

Although this is among the largest flutes I build, you will hardly know you are even breathing while playing this Giant! The slightest breath will send it into a Deep Crystal Clear Song!

My dished finger holes make it a recording artist's dream! You will never regret bringing this flute into your life. It is truly one that I will have a hard time parting with - no matter what the price!

Sound soon to come to Swampfoxflutes.com


Many have asked for another woodpecker flute - sending emails of great visions and actual sightings of many species of woodpeckers.

Immediately the sign came from the Great Creator of all that is!

Only 30 yards from where these flutes are turned outside in the wind, a pair of large Flickers played near the ground - the very first sign!

As I thought of this future flute, I wanted to create something different, something to glorify these birds.

Moments later I heard the call of a Pileated Woodpecker from the Eastern direction! My Little Ones decided it was time to go fishing, and so the flute making came to a quick end for the day!

As we traveled thru a Swampland area, I could not believe my eyes when the Pileated Woodpecker flew right over our heads landing only yards away on a tall pine.

As I ran a great distance for my camera, I have to admit that I was praying for the Creator to allow the bird to stay in the area long enough to be photographed for you. It was not an Imperial Woodpecker of course, but about as close as we will get to one these days! :))

Upon my return it was no where to be found. The fish were hitting well, and so we continued catching bass.

But soon in the distant pines I could hear the cry of this magnificent bird, and also it's Xtremely loud peaking which few other woodpeckers can make - it is unmistakable!

My heart was racing as I closed the gap between the bird and myself - I could only imagine how it must have been for the men who recently rediscovered the Ivory Billed woodpecker of the Great Emerald Forest region.

Soon I was very close as the bird ripped into a standing dead pine only three feet from the ground! The foliage was so thick, I could not get a good photo, just a few shots that were hard to tell what it was!

Then the bird flew west into the thick forest flying from tree to tree as it went.

As we made our way home that day I had no idea what was to come.

There was no sound at all from the bird, only large amounts pine bark falling in the distance!!!

And then like a ghost, it suddenly appeared sitting high in the pine tree taking a rest there it seemed. My camera does not zoom in very well, but if you look in the last photograph, the bird is sitting in the middle of the picture. :))

I thank the Creator for allowing me this Photograph.

Few people can imagine a bird more impressive than an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, but the Imperial Woodpecker was 20% larger at 2 feet in length!

"Cumecocari" is the Native name for this magestic, magnificent bird, and it is a sad day to lose almost the very last hope of it's survival on the face of the earth, and though there is always hope, extinction of the species seems inevitable.

I am Swampfox, I am your Brother.



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