Hear and see the message of this flute. It is Most Powerful my Friends! Owl Medicine!!

There are some of us who are so intelligent, that many will be too smart to understand the gift of this flute. When we cannot see the forest for the trees, we do not comprehend the things we cannot see. The Creator's word tells us of a child-like faith, yet it is sad to say, but this type of faith is below many of us in this world today. I am speaking of people much to important to know our Creator and his gifts available to all who only believe.


Sit back and let me tell you the TRUE story of a flute, it's beginning, and the tremendous blessings from the Holy One Himself! To some it will mean nothing, yet others will be enlightened.

The first sign:

After much prayer and many people asking for the Owl, my spirit was moved when the sign came like thunder in the night! I remember baby Creesong as she ran to me saying, "Something is out there Daddy, and it is sounding like a ghost!!!" Yet it is no miracle that a Horned Owl came forth, for they are often in this area.

The most awesome signs came after this flute was created!

Among us lives a creature which exists in the night. It is feared by most animals, and with very good reason! Around here, we call it "The Tiger of the Woods." It is said that the Great Horned Owl is the largest in North America! With it's keen sense of sight, acute sense of hearing, and fur-like deadly silent feathers of camoflauge, nothing is safe in the night when this Ultimate Predator is on the prowl!!!

Days apart, I took my Boys to two areas on the river & swamps to photograph this flute.

Sign #2:

On the first outing my cousins happened to arrive just as we were finishing up. Both were amazed with the flute and soon wanted to hear it! I played an old haunting song from the past which I love to play, and they were into this flute my friends! I tell you this as the solemn truth!!! The moment the song had ended, a Great Horned Owl flew in landing within 50 yards in broad daylight and began it's hooting - over and over it continued!!! My cousins looked at me, then at each other, the boys stopped their play looking skyward! Caught up in the moment, I do not know who said the words, but someone made the comment, "Can you believe that just happened?" This would be the second sign of this flute's creation!

Sign #3:

On another day as I was driving alone, I prayed to the Spirit Father to give me something more for this flute as I knew it was special in many ways. In my mind came a place my Father had taken me years ago. Now when I say a place came to mind, I do not mean a large stretch of river or swamp, not an acre of land, I mean an exact spot 6' X 6' in an old wet weather creekbed in the middle of a vast swamp-land area! This is the absolute truth!

When the boys came home from school the first thing they asked was if we could go on a dig for arrowheads. It was hard to say no with them holding their shovels already!!! :))

Instantly, I remembered the area in the swamp, and the boys and I took a single kayak paddling what seemed to be miles down a river to this place in my vision. As we were paddling a Great Horned Owl made his presence known further down river, once again this happening in broad daylight with a creature perceived as only being nocturnal!

When we were as close as possible to the sight, I beached the boat, then took my camera and the flute from of the case while the boys were playing on a sand bar. Soon we started the long journey thru the snake infested jungle like area towards the place I had been given to go.

As the boys and I found the old creek bed. We followed it west, heading to the exact location, having no idea what, if anything, was in store for us there. The recent rains had left a large puddle just in front of the area we were searching for in the creek bed. When I glanced over to the other side of this water I could not believe my eyes! There was a huge barred feather more than 2" wide lying just inches from the water's edge, and even though I was still 20 yards away, I instantly knew it was from a Great Horned Owl!!!

When we walked to the other side to see, I did not truly comprehend the gift of this feather. It just did not sink in! It was not until I took a closer look, that I realized what had just happened! There were tiny beads of water on top of the feather and once again you have my word as a man on this! It was not raining, yet a hot summer day! As you may already know, this meant that the Great bird had been to this exact place only moments before we arrived, and most likely bathed itself, leaving a feather for us to find in an exact spot in the middle of more than 1,000 acres of bottom swamp-land!!!

Even as I type this to you now, I still get goosebumps thinking of what ocurred that day in the middle of nowhere - knowing in a million years it could not happen again without it being a blessing from the Creator who controls everything that is!

I build & play for those who went before us, for those yet to come, and for those who cannot play, I play for you! I am Swampfox.



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