The Wolf of the Sea

"Spy Hopping"

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Xtreme cutting edge Technology

Sings like no other before!!!

A Swampfox Historic Production

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Instrument Grade Triple Barrel Poplar Flute is keyed to Bm - my dished finger holes - so comfortable this flute will become an extension of yourself! Approx 20" in length, Very Loud, Crystal Clear voice is so AWESOME you will surely Love the very moment your breath enters the flute's spirit! Tuned to absolute perfection using Virtual Strobe @ 72 degrees for studio recording!!! Signed, dated, titled, and numbered. Can be played as a single flute, double, or triple!!!!!!!! Will try to make a sound file soon!

Per the Indian arts and crafts board I must state the following: Friends, you are viewing an Authentic Swampfox Creation carrying the Swampfox trademark & I am the sole maker of these flutes and totems. From the time I was 7 years old I knew I would build the flutes. They are Native Inspired thru my Grandmother's people of the Muskogee Creek Nation, but more than that, they are inspired thru the Great Creator of all living things. Many times as I stand before the wood, I have no idea what the flute nor its totem will turn out to be. Sometimes in life we must ask in earnest prayer for the answers, even to the smallest of things. As I pray for Creator's wisdom and not my own, it becomes clear in my mind what is meant for these flutes, and it is a powerful presence when this Creator's wisdom moves. If it is important for you to purchase a flute from an enrolled tribal member, it is my prayer that you find this flute you are seeking. Remember, according to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, {an act in place to protect the consumer from purchasing items that are not 100% AUTHENTIC NATIVE AMERICAN MADE}, should even the slightest part of an instrument, or craft be created by a Non-Indian person, the instrument / craft CANNOT Legally be sold as "Native American made", including ANY art work in any shape, form, or fashion. For a first criminal offense, an individual is fined not more than $250,000 and/or jailed not more than 5 years; subsequent violations are not more than $1,000,000 and/or 15 years. Good night!!!!!! A person could make a lot of flutes in 5 years!!! :))


First let me tell you the funny thing I have been doing to people here!!! :)) Many have dropped by to visit as this flute has been completed for several days now. They immediately are attracted to "Spy Hopping" and truly beg me to play it for them!!! Well, as the flute goes into song, for the first 20 seconds or so, I play only the single center barrel..... Even though the single voice is AWESOME, I can tell they are waiting for the real medicine to begin! hehee!! As I take the flute to the next level by playing two barrels, they are in disbelief, if I say so myself. :))) And finally after a few more moments, the song moves into the fireworks and they seem captivated with fascination!!! Sometimes we have to stop our busy lives and listen to the wind. We must include Creator before beginning the voyage. When we do this, all the universe conspires to help us achieve perfection.

Guys,,,, there is bad thunderstorm approaching and I will go ahead and list before we lose power here... It seems the lights go out even at the sign of rain sometimes...... I will be right back with more!

Love Fox



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