Swampfox Ten Bears Native American Flute Bear Totem G#

The Spirit coming from the four winds

A Swampfox Production

Sound coming soon to the Swampfoxflutes website

Look into the face of my son, Daniel Blue Sky. Although he is young, his eyes carry the ancient wisdom of generations of ancestors who once were the keepers of this land.

Within days you can become a part of this heritage by becoming the keeper of this Swampfox heirloom - to be past down to generations to come.

For 24 years not one Swampfox flute has EVER been created inside a building. All are born free outside under the sky and wind.

Soon, even now, the cold comes. There will be days of rain and freezing weather and my flutes will become few.

I ask all collectors interested, to consider this flute, which will become a part of your soul forever. Whether you are a recording artist, or just the person wanting a crystal clear flute, "Ten Bears" will never let you down.

The One Creator has come from the four winds and has Breathed life into the wood thru my hands. As your breath enters the flute's body, the spirit within you will transform into a voice flowing onto the wind & into these four directions, and it is then you will know this Power to be the absolute truth. At this time answers to prayers will be revealed if you truly believe!

A very old man looking back over his life once remarked, "I have spent every day meeting a schedule, quickly running here and there, and all for nothing. How I wish I could do it all over."

Do not rush thru life, but allow yourself enough time to enjoy the simple things my Friends.

Flute is from the hard reddish-brown tropical American tree called Mahogany... Keyed to mid G#. Features my dished finger holes, perfectly comfortable Pow Wow mouthpiece from days of old, Beads of the Crow, & sacred standing bear totem. Retail $850.00


Believe it or not, from all of the flutes on my websites, this Bear totem in the key of G# has been the most asked for by the people. Some may remember the flute "Two Bears" which carried the similar totem and resides in Wisconsin. She has been asked many times, but the Lady refuses to sell Two Bears.

With the bears recently in the local news here in Georgia, I have taken it as a sign to create this totem, and the flute is marked with the name of a Great Chief!

From 1795 to 1873 there lived a Chief called "Ten Bears." Held in high esteem by the Comanches, he would be their delegate at many peace conferences with the Europeans.

Ten Bears resented the White man's intrusion, stating during a long eloquent address at the Medicine Lodge conference, "You said you wanted to put us upon a reservation... I was born upon the prairie, where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures and where everything drew a free breath... I want to die there, and not within walls."

On his last futile journey to Washington D.C., he had hoped this time things would be different, that the White man would honor his promises, but it was not to be.

He returned to the hated reservation, where he died at Fort Sill a few weeks later, in 1873.

It is said Ten Bears died of a broken heart.