Swampfox Ghost Dogs Native American Flute key F minor

This Giant Walnut flute is keyed to Fm... Features a new super hard beautiful finish, a 1" bore @ approx. 22" in length, dished finger holes fit like a glove, the best mouthpiece money can buy. Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection. LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarentee!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated.....I have titled this flute "Talks to Coyotes" see below...


It is not uncommon to hear or see a coyote in the evening or night where we live. Many times when a calf or other farm animal passes, the coyotes will devoir the carcass leaving only bones by morning. They are here for a reason my Friends!

Sit back and let me tell you the true story of a very Close Encounter which happened here in the South on a cold Georgia evening....

My oldest son (7 years) had begged me to take him to the bottom lands to hike the river's edge. He loves to explore and finds many things which he collects. To get there we crossed a huge field and headed east. He played and ran by the river searching for the usual trinkets. It was cold and the sun had done it's work for the day, & darkness would soon surround us. It was time to head for home.

As we made our way to the field's edge, I could hear a sound which I thought was similar to a women screaming! In a thousand years, nothing could prepare me for what would happen that evening!

We started across the open field and it was then the Coyotes, two of them, started their erie song, and I knew they were also responsible for making the earlier sound.

If you are ever confronted by these creatures, which are often called Prairie Wolves, do not ever turn your back or run away. Back away slowly while facing the dog and calmly try to leave the area.

We would have done the same, but this time was an exception! After spotting us, these two barked and growled, then bolted straight towards us!!! Still 75 yards away, I reached over grabbing little Blue Sky and pulled him in behind me so I would be between him and these dogs. Not realizing the danger, my son had no fear of them and did not realize the trouble we were in! And as the gap narrowed, the two still running full speed straight towards us, my son let out a yelp / howl which sounded much like a Coyote pup. This howl immediately stopped both dogs in their tracks at only 20 yards away!!! I then tried to keep him quiet, but he continued his howling and I watched as they began to turn their heads from side to side in the same manner a domestic dog would respond! We starred into their eyes and all was still. Not a sound could be heard.... Seconds later the two Coyotes simultaneously raising their heads, howled into the now night air!

And then, they slowly moved on looking back as they departed.

All I can figure is that maybe since we were wearing light brown clothing, these dogs of the night had mistaken us for deer.

My son and I started the hike for home. Looking up, he said to me, "Were you sacred Daddy?"

My hands still shaking, I replied with a smile, "uuuuh, no, not at all son. You seemed to have had it all under control, I thought, but where did you learn to Talk to Coyotes?"

He said, "Don't you remember? You taught me years ago!" Years ago??? He is only 7..... It just seems like he has been around forever! :))




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