Swampfox WOODPECKER Native American Flute key G#

My Friends,

Before I tell you of this flute, let me say that it is truly a Medicine Flute with a healing voice. Once you hold it in your hands, you will never let this one out of your possession during this lifetime. It is a flute of the highest quality known. Please forgive me for bragging here. :)) But if I do not tell you, you may let it slip away, never knowing of it's Medicine locked inside.


The totem is the last of Two Woodpeckers, (#2 of 2), which visited us months ago on a trip to Arizona where we met a beautiful lady by the name of Two Moons Woman. The Woodpecker has watched and waited for his place, and finally a flute has come along which is pure enough to carry the Sacred Woodpecker totem.

I will try to keep this short for you, but you know how I am about writing short stories. hehe.......

During this flute's creation I was visited by an Old Man, a collector owning upwards of 100 flutes or more and many of them Swampfox. He had in his hand a flute I created some time ago, and claimed it could talk to the creatures better than any other flute, especially birds! He said they understood the voice of this flute.

I was a little skeptical about some of the things he said, and so we went together on an excursion into the mountains, rivers, and waters of Georgia.

When we arrived at our first destination, we walked approx 100 yards to a river, and that is where he began his "bird talk".... The flute echoed thru the bottoms and hollows as I watched and listened. It was better than any movie I had ever seen! Instantly birds of every sort filled the air with sound. But it was the Woodpeckers who spoke the loudest to him, almost like magic! They seemed to rejoice as he pushed the flute to the limits calling back and forth, some near, some far in the distance!

The Old Man understood the Woodpeckers, and they too, knew he was their friend. He said the woodpecker was the first flute maker and he told me the Native American story of how this came to be. Wherever we went, he played the flute, and always it was the same response! I am now a believer in this man's tale!!

And so when this Woodpecker flute was finished, I let him play it for the first time. When the song had ended, he paused then looked into my eyes and said, "It is the BEST I have ever heard."

It is my prayer that this flute find the right place among the people. If you are the owner, you will hear in his CD each song the old man played on the journey which has now become a Woodpecker flute's name/title - "Talks to Birds."

Power comes to individuals as a gift from the spirit world - from the Creator. Some Native Americans believe the woodpecker represents a spiritual intermediary thru whom power flows. The act of playing this flute is intended as an offering, a gift in return for the Spirit Father's Blessings.




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