Swampfox MEGA-BORE Native American Flute key Dm
Title "Swamp Wise" Deep Awesome Concert Quality Art!!!!

It is true this flute is a GIANT of it's kind, but there is something special about this one.... Even though it is large in size, it takes only the slightest breath to send this one into song! I have made every effort to carve the totem to honor the Great Blue Heron.... So real that I would not recommend leaving it near the fish aquarium!!! Little Creesong can tell you what can happen, as four of her goldfish have mysteriously disappeared since I brought the flute upstairs late last night! :))

This Giant Walnut flute is keyed to Dm... Features a super hard beautiful finish, a 1 & 1/4" bore @ approx. 26" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! Long first stage chamber virtually eliminates wet out. Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection, LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated.....I have titled this flute "Swamp Wise." This flute is in honor of my true Friend and Movie Star Okefenokee Joe and the Great Blue Heron! See Origin below... Make sure you hear it soon.

Many thanks once again to Bill from Peoria, IL, Neal Martin in Alaska, Medicine Man, Dr. Bill Clark out of Canada, Marc (Bones) from Miami, FL, Tara from Eau Claire, WI, Steven from Cedar Springs, MI, Robert from Stanford, CA, & Brother Dean from Delta Airlines, who have recently purchased my flutes & are collectors! Also thanks to each of you who stop and take a peak at my flutes. It goes without saying, but you know we Love all of you wonderful people!!! :)))


I am Swampfox. Today I honor a man who has touched the lives of many. He has given his life to the Okefenokee Swamp and to the people who love to hear him speak and sing! I only see him about twice a year, because we are both so busy, but Okefenokee Joe is like a Brother to me! One of his favorite things to talk about is being "Swamp Wise".... If you have never heard him play and sing, or watched him handle every sort of poisonous snake, you are missing out on a treat! He is without a doubt, a Legend of the south!

This totem is long overdue! I have been given the sign to create it many times, but have passed it over due to it's size. But when this flute came along, the sign came once again like thunder rolling across the hills! And I did what I should have done many moons ago! It is hand carved and painted and has become the bird itself. A flute which can be compared to the famous Pileated Woodpecker built in 2003.

I probably shouldn't tell this, but since all turned out well in the end, I will go ahead and say it.........I was just a little kid when my Father stocked a pond with many fish of different kinds. Everytime he would look down towards this pond, he would see the Blue Heron just gobbling up the minnows. He had paid a lot for them I suppose, and did not like the giant bird eating them! Now below this pond thru the woods is another pond, then a swamp, and then a good sized creek, so with all this water comes all kinds of aquatic creatures. One day my Father had had enough of this Blue Heron eating his fish. He told me to go down there and to take my BB gun and get rid of the Bird! I was only 7 years, so I did as he said. Now these are the most wary of all wild birds, so to get close to one is almost impossible! I know he did not believe in his heart that I would actually be able to take one of them... I stalked down to a small settling pond thru the woods and there perched on a log at the water was the Blue Heron, he was looking for fish as usual. The eyes of these birds can almost look straight ahead! I raised the BB gun and aimed carefully, then moving nothing but my finger, I squeezed the trigger and the giant bird fell into the water! I quickly ran to the bird and it immediately stood up jumping from the water, and it was taller than me!!! The small BB had only tipped him on the head and knocked him out somewhat. :)) He was just fine, not a scratch! I held him under my arm as I walked to the house to show my Father. He could not believe I had the bird under my arm!!! I put the heron in a large ground cage to make sure he was alright. For four days I would go to the pond and pull in my small fish basket and take the fish to my bird. He would eat them so fast it was unreal! My Father came to me and said, "You are worse than having the bird! How many fish does he eat?" I just smiled... The fourth day I decided to release my Blue Heron. I took him out of the cage and carried him to the pond. There I set him on the ground before me and stepped back to watch him leave. We had become friends in that short time, and it was sad for me to do this. The Giant Bird did not even try to fly at first. He just took a few steps, looked back and finally jumped into the air! I thought that would be the end of it, but the bird soared around a four acre circle and returned landing only ten yards away. My Father said, "Well, I guess I had better go buy some more minnows for him tomorrow. Looks like we're getting low in the pond!" :)) I saw the heron many times after that day. A bird blessed with more than one life!

The Heron: A symbol of renewal of life, wet seasons, rivers distant travel, long vision, and wisdom.

During the time period of this flute's creation, I have witnessed many Herons and Cranes in a show of power within the Southern sky. These birds have asked to become a totem for a flute many times in the past in many ways. Today it has come to pass in a flute called "Swamp Wise." May the Great Creator Bless you all with His Love Forever More!




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