Spirit of the Glades

Brothers & Sisters,

I hope all of you are doing well and are being Blessed by our Creator in health & abundance!

If you have read this before, just skip on down my Friends:

I am Swampfox. My Native blood is from a Creek Indian Grandmother and I have the documentation from her, however, if it is important for you to become the Keeper of a Native American flute created by an Indian living on reservation land and a present member of a tribe, I wish you all the luck in the world in your flute quest. It is my prayer that Creator guide you to the right flute for you in your search. :)) I also ask that you consider purchasing a flute such as this before choosing Swampfox.

A Good Friend just sent me this info from a cool website which features some of Andrew Begay's flutes of the past. Check it out... http://www.native-languages.org/flutes.htm

Now on the other hand, if you want a Tough Mirror Liquid Crystal Clear finish, & the Clean, Crystal Clear Voice - 100% Concert Quality beyond your wildest dreams, you may want to become the Keeper of this flute right here!!!!!!!!

Woooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :))

It is as pure as they come!!!!

When you take it out of the box, you can walk straight into the studio and record tracks with any other instrument that is perfectly tuned.

Orange Fire Padauk flute glows like the Sun!!! Keyed to F# w/ 7/8" bore dia., my dished finger holes, a mouthpiece of your dreams - so comfortable the flute becomes an extension of yourself. Tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up! This flute is Concert Quality and is Crystal Clear 100%! Signed, titled, numbered and dated.

Totem painted with the finest pigments in the world and will Never fade - an heirloom to be passed down for generations to come! Only the best from Swampfox for you my friends!


Dearest Brother and Sisters,

The birds have been building their nests for almost three weeks here! Purple Martins have been in the gourds since Feb.. The flowers are blooming, & love is in the air for the wildlife of the Southeast direction.

I have a couple of flutes that were in the works during this time period and will carry the powerful alligator totem.

I have returned from the very heart of the "River of Grass" which many call the Everglades. It is said that the Seminole people have lived there for over 12,000 years. You will be wise to travel with a Seminole if ever you venture to this paradise - they know this marshland inside and out.

There are birds of every sort and many other creatures lurking about. This is the only place in the world where Gators and Crocodiles live side by side! An average American alligator's weight is 850 pounds, and their length - 14 ft.. Beware of a gator who seems to be sleeping at the water's edge. Although they have heavy bodies and slow metabolisms, they are capable of short bursts of speed which can exceed 35 mph!

The local Natives say when the alligator grabs it's prey it immediatly starts spinning and convulsing wildly!!! In Florida they refer to this as the "Death Roll."

It is a known fact in this area that Larger Gators hunt bears and Florida panthers. Each year people venture into the glades and never return. Unfortunately, crocodiles regard a human encounter as prey.

At some places the River of Grass stretches 60 miles wide and covers 1.5 million acres.

We used an airboat to skim across the black shallow waters. Make sure you have some earplugs if you decide to do this, or you will not be able to hear your flute after the trip is done. :)) These boats do not get stuck... I once ran the boat over a short distance of land to access a large swamp - a little extra throttle was all that was needed.

This flute was in the works during this adventure so I was looking for a totem. To be honest, I was in the glades trying to find the Ivory Billed Woodpecker or maybe get a glimpse of what legend & old timers believe to be a Skunk Ape, but what we found there was almost as good!

One early morning with a warm breeze in our face, my friend and I set out across the sawgrass marshes towards a large section of river - to a location he claimed to have seen a Skunk Ape with his own eyes, but it would take all of the fuel on board to make it there and back! Skimming across the water it almost felt as if we were flying! As time passed, we found ourselves many, many miles into the Everglades.

As we were somewhere in the middle of the glades, I noticed something white in the distance - some 300 yards out, but thought it to be just another Egret or heron of some sort. As we closed the gap, I saw it was not a bird at all, yet a sun bleached treasure!!!

There, wedged in the mangrove roots was the largest Alligator skull my friend had ever seen!!! He was more excited than me, and by the look on his face, I thought we had found white gold! The teeth in the skull were even larger than the massive alligator tooth which hung from his neck!

Later he explained that this creature could have possible been a world record. Because of the size of the skull, he estimated the length of the gator to be 21 ft when alive - 2 ft longer than the record.

For sure the American Alligator has a considerable reputation and for obvioius reasons! From the time of the dinosours, it has always been here. Today, gators are spotted as far north as Tennessee.

Now this relic from the past, which defines the very existance of the Everglades, will live on forever on this Swampfox flute.

We Love You Guys, you know we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother Fox and Family


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