With the Great Horned Owl's huge appetite, we have had yet another Hawk fall victim to this bird of the night. I have honored him in this flute along with the other Hawks which have been in the area during this flute's creation.

As I made my way by the river today, the trail on the bank collapsed and the front tire of my truck sank deep into the soft mud leaving the frame sitting on the ground. Even as I shifted into 4 wheel drive, the truck could not pull out under it's own power! I thought for a moment, then remembered I had a hand winch in the back. If you ever plan to go in remote areas such as this, I highly suggest one of these winches! In just a few minutes I was out of what could have been a spend the night party! :))

After all the excitement, I slipped the Kayak into the water and started the long journey. At one point I decided to stop and wade the shallows to see what I could see. Well, I saw what I didn't want to see, and it was a BIG water moccasin sliding down the bank 5' away & heading straight in my direction!!! When the snake saw what I was, it quickly turned the other way. I think we somehow scared each other! :))

After taking many photos, I paddled to a small island and decided to play this flute for the first time in the wilderness. There were many animals in the area especially birds making all sorts of sounds! I even heard a Hawk scream twice there! As I played this flute all was quite as if giving me their full attention. They had not heard this sound before, the pure haunting sound which flows from these flutes. I am used to having my children with me on trips such as this one. But, they are visiting relatives in Seattle and so I was alone there.

Pushing the flute to the limits of most, I quickly realized this was not just another flute, no, not at all! On that river today I heard an immense voice! And all alone, I transcended the limits of ordinary vision, and the flute allowed me to see within the shadows of it's soul.

There are many paths we can walk in life, but the one that leads us home, the one that matters most, is that of our spirit path. In this path of the "Spirit Warrior" we live our purpose and passion to reconnect to the Creator, which brings us home to the spirit that lives in all of us. And now the moment today is forever ours, and it is indeed a Sacred Legacy.

I am Swampfox, I am your Brother.



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