Soon you will hear this flute there my Friends.......

These are the words given to me, and now I give them to you:

When you look into the eyes of my Son, you are looking at the future of Swampfox flutes! In his time, there will be flutes created that the world has never seen the likes of before! He will have the knowledge & wisdom which will be passed on to his children, and his children's children.

This Lady has a connection with The Ancient One! Thanks for the wonderful words Sister!!!

Son of the Song Maker

There rests in the hand of a young one a father's love , a father's wisdom, a father's work in the form of a flute. He has a vision of great things for him...a passing down not only a skill but a love of what that skill brings to this earth.....a sacred , holy sound. He holds already what will come,for his father has already passed to him more than he realizes. As his son hears his father's work reverberate through the years he will learn to remember the wisdom coming to him even now. So, a blessing to this earth will continue and we will all be the better for it.


"Song Maker" is now Karen's FAVORITE Swampfox flute of all time!!!

Do you know that Bloodwood retains it's color and even deepens with age! It will NEVER fade, and is one of the hardest woods known to man! When this one arrives at your door, you will see that the color is as vibrant as the flute's voice itself!!!!

Blessings to you all, and we Love You Guys!!!!! :))

Brother Fox

THANKS again for this one WINDSONG!!!!!!!!

Creation of a Flute by Brother Swampfox

Swampfox...don't know what came over me but I just felt to write the below for you.

When the heart of the earth mother beating in deep rhythm senses one of her children being harvested for use of the Sacred Breath ...when the ear of the earth mother hears a prayer being raised in thanks from the harvester....when the moment arrives that the hands of the carver have moved, forming a perfect sacred tool, echoing the Ancient Ones' deep knowing ...when all is in perfection and the moment is readied in the depths of the swamp, then a blessing is placed in the air , a new expression of ancient memories rises with the winged ones and whispers on the wind..." We know where we go. We are ready now. See us , hear our new voice speaking to you...to you ...take us in your hand and place us in your heart...Now play ...play for those who need our songs ...and by doing so you will return to the land of your soul."


Flute is keyed to Am... Features a top secret finish which is as hard as a rock!!!!, approx 22" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! LONG first stage chamber virtually eliminates wet out. Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Xtremely LOUD AND CLEAR - Super CLEAN, CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICE, Titled, signed, numbered and dated....

Even as a teenager I was known as "Swampfox" in these parts. When my friends were looking for me, it was always in the swamps, rivers, lakes, and other waterways where their search would end, and so I was given this name by my friends. Believe it or not, they even gave me shirts, truck tags, and other items with Swampfox artwork on them!


We have been back on the water again my friends - Two different locations! Karen thinks we are out there to have fun, fishing and swimming, spend nights on the river boat with the children ... Little does she know that I am constantly searching for totems for you and I. :)) Let's keep this between us now! hehe.......

During this flutes time, we have seen the Mighty Eagle on the Chattahoochee, (another flute in the works with the full story soon to come), we have seen the Osprey, the Red Tail, the Sparrow Hawk, the Red Shoulder, and even a Huge Owl of which I could not identify in the swamps. This Owl swooped within 3' of Little Dancing Bear's head!

All birds came to us in remote places inaccessible to most. It is in these vast swamps that a man can get close to Mother Earth, close to the Creator, and find what many are starting to search for in their lives today.

People always thought the old ways would die out, yet more & more, these old ways are being sought after by people of all races - coming full circle - people are searching for something to take them back to a place where life was pure & simple.

Sometimes we need to take our spirit back in time, into the days of old, into the wilderness where life is still untouched by man, where we can be lifted out of our ordinary consciousness for a glimpse of the Sacred and Eternal - if only for a moment in time.

In places like this, it seems the present never ages, and each of these moments are unique! It is said that if every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.

This flute is in honor of all birds of prey, and since there were so many signs from several of these raptors presenting themselves so closely before us, I have designed this totem to symbolize them all.

While this abstract totem representing the Raptors may seem less dramatic, it possesses a rare power & subtle beauty that clearly reflects the life we encountered among these birds of the Swamps.

It is my prayer that a Special Blessing be placed upon the one who will receive this flute. As I pray this for you, instantly I have a feeling of total peace in my heart. The words have been spoken my friend, and so it will surely come to pass, not because of me, but because of The Spirit Father - Creator of all that is.

I am Swampfox, I am your Brother.

Words from Brother Looking Wolf!!! I think he has now been nominated for the 2005 Native American Music Awards!!!

A word to you Looking Wolf: If you plan to win this year, maybe you should play one of your three "Swampfox" flutes there!
Woooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Yes, I am smiling my Brother!!! :))

"Hey Brother Fox, just wanted to let you know how beautiful your flutes are....I have 3 now - B flat, Low C, and G minor. Even though they are all in different keys, one thing is the same - all nice and loud, with a clear, warm tone that sounds "alive". The way that you dish the fingerholes with such precision is masterful and helps make the flute friendly to play.

Your art....well, is some of the best out there, and obviously inspired by a greater power. The way you make each flute so unique gives the instrument its own personality.

And, thanks for sending me your music. Brother, I don't think you know how well you play now. Great melodies with heartfelt emotion and good embelishments.

I'm looking forward to recording with your flutes, they will be highlighted on the "Tribute to the Flute Makers" CD. And, lets work towards the "Fox and the Wolf" CD soon."

May the wind of the wood be with you always....

Jan Michael Looking Wolf
2004 Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) nominee
Nominated for 2004 ISMA Best Flute Recording and 2004 ISMA Best Blues Recording
Instructor, "Introduction and History of the Native American Flute" and Oregon State University

Reaching back across time itself



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