We have had many visitors during this flute's creation! To be honest I could use the hawk as a totem for several flutes as they are frequenting the area in great numbers daily! This flute was in the works during the same day as a flute called "Raptor's Wind Dance" came to be, and so I have created a similar title. This was a favorite Swampfox totem design to the people during the Pow Wows in the early 80's.

Today we had an encounter with a Hawk and I wanted to share this with you as well as another occurrence.

As I was working this flute, I could hear the crows cawing and they were getting louder and louder! In no time a huge Hawk came sailing over the pines from the North! This hawk had a small bird in it's talons!!! The crows came in on top of the hawk and started their usual dive bombing!! As they attacked this beautiful bird, the hawk somehow lost it's grip, and the little bird was set free!

I have no idea if it will live after being in the grasp of a hawk, but the last I saw of it, the bird was flying away in a NW direction. If it was indeed unharmed, it is the luckiest bird that ever lived!!! :))

Now around here where we live isn't like the city life! It is quite a drive to the store you know... Today while Karen enjoyed herself, hehe, I shot some photos of this flute, then took the boys to an old store just off of 92.

They wanted a chocolate milk and love to go to that country store for some reason to get one. There is a large table in the place which attracts old men somehow! It's funny how it works, you cannot stop there without seeing several of them sitting at the table and talking while drinking their coffee. I have never stopped to listen to them, we just run in and out, but whenever we visit, they're always there!

Well today as we went inside, there was only one old fellow sitting there. All alone, he started talking to the boys, and so I sat down for the first time in my life at this table myself! I asked the fellow if he was Native American as he surely looked to be a full blood. He said to me, "Yes, I am Cherokee 3/4 and my name is Campbell."

Well, I had this very flute in the truck, because of the photo shoot, and so I asked if he would like to see it. He was VERY excited and said he would love to!!

When I brought the flute back into the store, my boys were sitting on each side of Campbell. I told them they looked like old men sitting there like that! (Smile) .......When I pulled the flute from the case, Campbell said these words, "Awe son, I said I built flutes, but I never in my life built anything such as this!" He must have looked at the flute from every angle for at least 10 minutes. Then staring at the signature, he said these words, "You know, I have heard of this man named Swampfox! They say he doesn't live too far from here. The men at this very table have talked about him and these flutes just like this one."

I asked if he would like to play it and he said, "No, these old hands wouldn't do it justice, but do you think you could play it for me to listen?" I said, "If you're going to twist my arm like this, I guess I will have to." :)) And so I raised the flute to my lips, closed my eyes and began to play. I must have played this flute for over three minutes, and when the song came to an end, I opened my eyes to see that old Campbell had tears streaming down his old sun tanned face! Jokingly, I said to him, "My playing that bad, is it? What? Did you think I was Swampfox and could play a flute? he hee!!!.......

It was then that he told me how the flute had taken him back to better days. He said that him and his brother used to be best friends and loved each other so much, but that something had come between them many years ago, and now they had not spoken to each other in so long. He couldn't even remember why they were not speaking.

I never told Campbell who I was because it didn't really matter, but what did matter was that he call his brother and make things right, and so I told him that he should do just that.

Some say there is no magic in a Native American flute, but Campbell said the song had done something to him this day. He promised me he would call his Brother and apologize and become best friends once more.

As for me, I cannot wait to get back to that table and sit with the old men, listen to their tales, and hear about Campbell talking with his Brother again.


Hello guys, this just in from a good Brother. I will post my answer below his question:

Swampfox, I know this flute must have a special meaning. Can you explain what the intent of the events in your description mean? I have a good idea, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks

No problem my friend... To me the flute means a second chance at life. The bird escaped the talons of a hawk. How many times would you say this happens? I say one in a thousand maybe?

The Native American will surely get together with his long lost Brother.

So far during this flute's short life, it has been a blessing. Hope this helps in your decision as to whether this is the flute for you. Brother Fox

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