Brothers & Sisters,

May the One God Bless each of you in everything you set out to do!

Vulture flute is as pure as they come!!!! Tough Mirror Liquid Crystal Clear finish, & Clean, Crystal Clear Voice - 100% Concert Quality beyond your wildest dreams!!! This is the most fun you'll ever have and still be legal!!! :))

When you take this one out of the box, you can walk straight into the studio and record tracks with any other instrument that is perfectly tuned.

Anyone can play!!!

Orange Fire Padauk flute glows like the Sun!!! Keyed to Am w/ 7/8" bore dia., my dished finger holes, a Slotted mouthpiece - first of it's kind - given to me from Creator - so comfortable the flute becomes an extension of yourself. This mouthpc allows the player total control, preventing leakage from the lips which at times causes the unwanted shrills during recording.

Tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up! This flute is Concert Quality and is Crystal Clear 100%! Signed, titled, numbered and dated.

Totem painted with the finest pigments in the world and will Never fade - an heirloom to be passed down for generations to come! Only the best from Swampfox for you my friends!


They drifted across the Everglades sky in great numbers, riders of the wind from another time, rarely flapping their wings to stay aloft.

Turkey Vultures are distant kin to the old world Vultures. Looking like birds of prey, they know death before it even arrives. Soaring all day, they can scent carrion miles away.

Again we have had many sightings of vultures in our area recently. There are three vulture roosts located in swamps nearby, and what an eerie sight they are sitting high above the swamp - lined across the dead limbs in the morning sun.

As a child I would see the familiar sight in the sky, the dark heavy body, the long black wings, soaring high over the landscape, & it always made me want to be able to soar as they do - with scarcely a wing flap, they soar over the most forbidden terrain! They are free and live off the land just as it was meant to be for mankind.

Native tribes have always had great respect for the Vulture! Some called it the Thunderbird, and many still see it as a symbol of Power. They can fly at altitudes of 16,000 feet rising on thermals - staying aloft for hours, searching miles in the distance! This is Mother Nature's Clean up crew & one of the most important parts of the ecosystem.

The Vulture is a symbol of rebirth, a new understanding of the "old world" American's ways - the Native cultures that have known and revered this creature as a master of the spirit who has given power, rebirth and renewal for centuries past.

"Sisika" can only be described as an ongoing symbol of the simple life - the old ways - time standing in motion.

When you hold this flute before you in the coming days, and when you hear the Clarity of it's Voice, you will see life on a Grander scale, one that you never thought was possible with your own eyes!

Combining this flute's voice with the Great Creator in prayer, you will experience the ultimate strength, healing, and abundance - finding your path and living as it was meant to be for all mankind.

My Friends, remember to love the Lord with all your heart - His treasures await you now, and we will live together forever through endless ages. I know these facts to be the absolute truth as the Lord stands within my spirit this very moment.

I am Swampfox, I am your Brother.


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