Extremely Rare Sax Native American Flute Gm


I made my first flute keyed to Gm many moons ago after hearing one of Karen's CDs. Not knowing the exact key, I ran for the tuner as this music was so wonderful! Turned out that it was in the Key of G minor!

When I built this flute I had the musician in mind. I have taken time to make sure it will do every trick in the book. It is for the person who lives to play and plays to live. When you stand before the multitudes this one will never let you down!

This is the 2nd Swampfox flute ever created with a mouthpiece such as this! The first one was placed in a Native American Music shop 20 years ago where it sold in the same day. The mouthpiece on this flute is much better than that old one and is designed for my sax playing Brothers and Sisters who like to hold the instrument vertical (straight down) in front of them. As you know I do not like to make the same flute week after week and so I present to you another flute here that is as rare as hens teeth........ :))

I hope the flute finds the perfect owner out there and they always seem to do so, but during it's construction I have hoped it would go to someone who does this for a living such as Brother Bones in Florida. But who am I to decide it's destiny? :))

This flute's message came in clear as it played it's first song to me! Creesong danced a Sacred dance for you as well. If it is speaking to you in these words or in it's Awesome voice, you will know this the moment you hear it, and you will know should it be meant for you my friend.

The Message:

The Creator knew who you were before you were ever formed in your mother's womb. He wants to know what you are expecting in life. Our Creator wants you to get your hopes up! His holy word even says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for." You cannot have faith if you do not have hope. Your expectations set your limits in life. If you never expect anything good, you are never going to receive anything good. If you do not expect things to get better, nothing will get better. Our Creator has promised to meet us at our level of expectancy. His Holy Word says, "According to your faith be it done unto you." In other words you will have what your faith expects. If you start expecting to overcome every challenge you face, the Creator will meet all of your needs. We must live every day of our lives filled with anticipation that the Spirit Father is going to Bless us abundantly and beyond our wildest dreams!!! These words are the absolute truth, for I have seen this with my own eyes! My prayer is that you will be Blessed Forever More my

Good Friends,

Brother Fox



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