Swampfox "The Sacred Stone" Native American Flute Am

This flute is not intended to be worshipped, but is only a tool in which a person can give their inner spirit a voice, speaking to the Great Creator of all living things. It will be a blessing to someone for sure!


I am Swampfox. From the earliest times there have been various kinds of stones which were invested with sacredness. In prehistoric times stones were used to identify burial mounds. There is little known as to the meaning or purpose of these holy monuments, but most agree that they mark a Sacred place in the landscape.

Small stones can also become invested with the Sacred. I was told of such a stone once that rested on a shelf beneath the seat of the Coronation Chair in Westminister Abbey London. It is said that the stone could recognize a rightful ruler of the country by emitting a loud cry!

One thing is for sure, this flute will emit a VERY LOUD Cry when you blow into it!!! hehehe...... :)) Sorry about that...........

Since the 13th century, every British king or queen has been crowned while sitting in this chair over the Stone of Scone, or sometimes called "The Stone of Destiny." It is also believed to be the stone which Jacob used as a pillow when he had his dream of angels at Bethel in the Holy Word of our Creator.

The flute is a combination of materials from across the USA!

Dancing Bear, my middle son, found this particular stone while on a journey with us in the Pacific Northwest. There appears to be a leaf somewhat imprinted into the top of the stone. A friend said it is most likely over 2000 years old. I have no idea about such things as this.

The wood is a wild Rare Black Cherry from the hills of Pennsylvania, and is rated as one of the most valuable hardwoods in the world today.

A message to us from this flute's beautiful song:

It is our Creator's word that will put you on the right path my Friends. If we start each day declaring his promises over our life, we can easily reach our full potential! We will begin to experience a life filled with abundance. His Holy Word tells us this, "My plans for you are good not evil, to give you a future and a hope." And, "The path of the righteous grows brighter and brighter."So no matter what, his plans will always be for your good! Walk in his plan and YOU will experience His abundance in everything you set out to do!

Much Love to you all,

Brother Fox

A Ture Friend sent me a Great story a few days ago and I meant to post it with this flute. Thanks so much Brother! Cool Story Man!

A long time ago in western Georgia, amoung the Southeastern Creek-Hitchiti Indians, lived Walnut-Cracker. His name was given him because he spent most of his time gathering, cracking, and eating walnuts in the same spot.

He always placed walnuts on a large stone and cracked them open, using a small stone. For the rest of the day and evening he ate walnuts. This was how Walnut-Cracker lived for many years. When he died, his people buried him at the place where walnuts grew.

Sometime later, a Creek hunter passed that very place and found a large mound of walnuts. As he was hungry, he cracked some and ate the good meat. Later that same evening the hunter returned. He sat down and cracked many walnuts on the large stone.

While the hunter was busy cracking and eating walnuts, a man came out of his nearby lodge. He heard someone at the place where Walnut-Cracker had lived. He listened and plainly heard the cracking noise. Looking closely through the darkness, he saw what looked like a person sitting where Walnut-Cracker always sat.

The man went back into his lodge announcing, "Walnut-Cracker, who died and was buried, now sits at his same place, cracking walnuts on the large stone! Do you think it is his ghost?"

All of the man's family came outside quietly, looking toward Walnut-Cracker's place. There they saw someone cracking walnuts on the large stone, who surely looked like Walnut-Cracker himself.

One of the family was a Lame Man, a good friend of Walnut-Cracker. "Take me on your back", he pleaded. "I want to see him again". So he was carried on the back of another who walked quietly toward the ghost.

That is what the thought, and they stopped in fear. But Lame Man whispered, "Please take me a little farther." His companion took him a little way, then stopped. The hunter did not hear them, because he was cracking walnuts.

"Please, take me a little farther," again asked Lame Man. The hunter looked up and saw the people through the shadows. He jumped up, seized his bow and arrows, and ran away.

When the ghost moved, the people ran back to their lodge. The one carrying the Lame Man became frightened and dropped him and left, running back to the lodge. Lame Man, too, jumped up and ran to his people. He was no longer a Lame Man!

Tribal storytellers say, "he outran the others, beating them to the lodge. He walked perfectly ever after."

As for Walnut-Cracker, no one saw his ghost again!



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