Much, Much Love to all of you wonderful people!!!

I will revise soon should I receive a message for you from this flute.

The picture of Cajun is very old and not for sale my Friends. :)))

In memory and honor of the Best Friend I ever had, "Cajun", with the Creator's help I have made a flute which has achieved clarity beyond belief - Truly museum quality!

Pulling out all the stops, I now introduce to you a flute titled "Swampfox", the latest in my cutting edge line of powerful, crystal clear flutes!

If you are a recording artist, or simply want the VERY BEST I have to offer, this flute has the performance and reliability needed to make you stand out among all others, an innovation in technology pushing Native American flutes to the limits!

Many thanks to Daniel Blue Sky and Baby Creesong for their help during the photo shoot. As you can see, my baby girl loves this little fox flute, and she has sealed it with a kiss! :))

The Poplar wood is approx 45 years old & is much darker than the photos appear, making the black legs of this fox flow, as if an extension of the totem itself...This flute carries the mark of the Creator in a Fox Track feather. Flute and totem are hand carved and hand painted as well. The key is Bm - the favorite key of Dr. William Clark out of Canada who's collection is among the largest known. The flute weighs in @ approx 21" in length, my dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! Wet out proof!!!!! Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Hear this Powerhouse flute for yourself @ Swampfoxflutes.com very soon to come, or send me an email, even if you only want to listen........ :))

Titled, Signed, Numbered & Dated.

Titled "Swampfox"

There will only be ONE flute to hold this title and here it is - a collector's dream.

Awesome Loud Crystal Clear Voice 100%!!!!!!


Sometimes in life we have only one chance to experience the Best of the Best. For me it was a Labrador retriever named "Cajun." When I picked her out of the twelve pups some 28 years ago, she was the smallest of all, and also the only one awake & gnawing on the fellow's furniture!! :))

Cajun quickly grew and I trained her almost every day. As a puppy she went everywhere I went. If you saw me, you saw the dog!

Unlike other dogs I have worked, Cajun was a pleasure to teach. Soon she became a field trials champion and people crowded around to watch her perform her amazing feats.

Now I could go on forever telling the stories this dog brought to us, but let me tell you what she has in common with this flute.

When Cajun was in her prime around 4 years old, I discovered that I was not her only "best" friend!!! Although the Red Fox is a very skillful hunter, we had one of these rust colored critters frequenting Cajun's food bowl!!!!

Yes, that is correct,,,,that lil ol' sly Fox had charmed poor Cajun and he was eating from her food dish and she didn't even mind!!! Of course the tiny amount that a fox eats surely didn't starve the fat little Lab! Soooo, the Fox had adopted her and she did the same right back at him!

I also think Cajun would have lived longer than 13 years had she not been addicted to those nasty cigarettes! Darn those things!!! I would always tell her, "bad dog", but the smokes seemed to calm her when the fox came around........... hehee!! :))

Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Sorry about that............

She would do almost anything I asked of her, and I have photos with her wearing hats, sunglasses, driving my truck and many others!

What brings this flute into being was a recent sighting of a Red Fox in the swampland area to the west which reminded me of Cajun's friend. I have titled the flute "Swampfox" because this dog spent more time in the Swamps with me than anyone else!

One morning as a child I was awakened to the sound of our chickens screaming for their lives! When I looked out the window I saw the reason why!! A Red Fox was having itself a time out there catching all of the hen's biddies, (baby chicks for you city folks)...hehe :))

By the time I ran out there, the fox had harvested most of them, and he was very smart about it! That little dog had caught each one and had them in a pile in the field! No doubt he was planning to take them home to the den.

Another time a nearby farmer had a difficult time assessing what was happening to his fowl. This clever Large Fox would come and take a chicken each night leaving no signs whatsoever! Since the fox was taking the carcasses away with him to eat at another location, the farmer did not notice the depredation until many raids had taken place! There were hardly any chickens left when he finally figured out something was taking them in the night! :))

I love to watch foxes in winter when their thick fur coats look the best. What makes them so interesting is the fact that they have characteristics of both dogs and cats. I have seen them pounce many times over and over trying to catch a mouse. Other cat-like characteristics are their vertical slit eyes, somewhat retractable claws, very light body weight, and they also play with their prey, throwing it into the air and catching it again. They can even climb trees!

Red Foxes used to be hunted by wolves, panthers, lynxes, and bobcats, but not many of these creatures exist today. When a Red Fox is scared they do not run into their den, but instead, depend on their speed and intelligence to help them escape from the attacking animal. They are built to run for very long distances!

They have been known to follow wolves, hoping for a taste of leftovers from their prey.

If you ever have a chance to play with a kit fox, beware of their tiny needle sharp teeth! They are just having fun, but man does it hurt when they bite!!!

In closing I would like to say,,,This Red Fox flute is ready to adopt you my Friend. He will never let you down and you will always keep him by your side thru life just like man's best friend. The medicine he will share cannot be described in words, but when you here his voice, you will realize the power you are holding in your hands, a power that can be used as a mighty prayer tool!

Sometimes in life we have only one chance to experience the Best of the Best. For me it was a dog named Cajun. For you it may very well be a Red Fox flute called "Swampfox."

I am your Brother.



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