Ghost riders of the sky!

This Giant Walnut flute is keyed to Em... It is #2 of the four ghost birds spotted on a November morning in 2004. Features a new super hard beautiful finish, a 1" bore @ approx. 24" in length, dished finger holes, the best mouthpiece money can buy, Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection, DEEP, LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarentee!!!Titled, signed, numbered and dated.....I have titled this flute "Pteranodon", a bird that could fly 30 mph with wings 23' and a head over 7' long. AWESOME, AWESOME Flute!!!

Sit back & let me tell you the true story of this flutes origin:

We Begin: Ghost riders of the sky! "Pteranodon"

One week before my little boys and I had the encounter that still to this moment sends chills over my body as I think back, a close friend in Barnsville Ga claims to have seen a bird larger than a man near Hog Mountain. I am not the type of person who believes everything I hear, but this guy is a good Brother, & Hog Mountain is where I have seen the only UFO I have ever seen in my lifetime. According to the people of that area, things happen there that are unexplainable to say the least. There are areas in this county where a man could get lost forever.

On an early November morning as my boys and I made the 21 mile drive thru the pig trails and back country shortcuts to their school, the fog was thick, and visibility low. We had seen two deer, a doe and her yearling fawn, which ran across in front of the truck. It was the first time in my entire life that I saw two deer looking back into the sky behind them. When we rounded the curve coming into a swampland area, I could not believe my eyes! Four creatures soared to the North direction right over in front of us!!! Their wings appearing to be 10 to 12 feet across. Their slow glide and sluggish flapping could only be described as Horrific! The entire encounter only lasted a second, as the creatures disappeared into the Swamp, yet seems to have been several minutes! I have looked, even stopped, many times since the sighting, yet have never seen them again to make any real identification. Could the deer have been spooked by these Giants of the sky?

To the Native Americans the Thunderbird was a sign of Power and Glory. They sometimes feared the creature, and tried to destroy it. Whatever it was, it was real. Could a "thought to be extinct" reptile still live to this day?

I am told of a giant bird which the Yaqui Indians spoke about which lived on the Otan Kawi mountain. Every morning it flew across the valley in search of human prey. They say a young boy who had lost his entire family finally killed the creature with a bow and arrows.

And there is the story of the band of Sioux warriors who were out hunting in the badlands of the West when they saw a huge bird falling several hundred yards in front of them. They began a search in the area where they thought the bird had fallen. Upon finding the monster, they shuddered as they looked at the strange creature's claws, giant sharp beak, and wings which were as long as four men standing on top of each other. The back of it's head had a long bony crest. It is a known fact that a pteranodon's head was over seven foot in length! These indians knew they had never in their lifetimes seen a bird like this one before.

Only 1,000 to 5,000 years ago an archaeologist came upon an ancient Mayan relief sculpture depicting an animal very similar to the pteranodon. Without a doubt, in recent past this bird ruled the skies!

This Avian mystery of the Black Forest was powerful enough to carry away full grown deer. The Thunderbird was a bird of prey and despite its size could quickly surprise a hunter and carry him off to devour him in its cave. Entire villages were decimated! A painted rock once existed near present day Alton, Illinois honoring Chief Ouatago and his band of twenty braves who slew the beast and delivered the Illini from its grizzly depredations. This same species was said to have preyed upon the Pawnee, devouring hunters, and preferring the taste of human flesh over deer.

According to Indian legends theThunderbird flew down, seized a victim by the shoulders, and carried the prey to a barren mountain top where it was devoured. The Native Americans said it was capable of carrying away deer or a man!

And lets not forget that in very recent past there was a discovery of Argentavis Magnificens. The bird is displayed at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. It credits the true story of "The Boy and the Giant Feather" which told of a boy who found a feather 8 inches wide and 60 inches long. The wing span of the bird in the museum is twenty-five feet across and it's body is twice as long as a man is tall!

In summary:

If the Thunderbird or Pteranodon truly exists why haven't more people reported seeing them? They have... But the reports are denied and trained observers fail to investigate. Most reports are from people who live in remote areas who have a greater chance of seeing the bird than that of infrequent visitors. To dismiss the reports as "too incredible" lacks scientific rigor. The opinion that all witnesses are incapable of identifying eagles, hawks, or vultures is a false consumption. The most outstanding and condemning feature is the bird's tremendous size! Even skilled observers have difficulty accurately assessing the size of a bird in the air. An eagle in flight is an awe inspiring sight. Witnesses agree their reports are fantastic and hard to believe yet attest that the extraordinary bird they saw cannot be a known species.

Another argument against the "Thunderbird" is that no bird could have dwelled in the thick Black Forest where it has been sighted, nor lived for so long a time, and still secreted from eyes of contemporary naturalists. Yet it was only 100 years ago when John Whitehead discovered "The Monkey Eater", one of the largest known eagles living near the rivers in the dense tropical forests. The Monkey Eater and the Harpy both prey on primates and have well over 10 foot wingspans. Is it unreasonable to consider a similar North American species?

We cannot believe every account or detail relating to the Thunderbird, but what we should believe and must believe is that an animal did exist in recent past that very well could have been a "living Fossil."




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