Prayer Fox

Blessing to all from the Swampfox Family!!! We Love You Guys!!!!!!!!! :))

Friends, I will be in the Cascade Mountian Range photographing a flute during this ebay listing. Should you need to contact me, please do so thru ebay as I will try to visit a library now and then which has computor access... This flute along with another will be sent out Priority Mail at auction close should anyone decide to become the Keeper of this authentic Swampfox production.

If you are a recording artist, or simply want the VERY BEST I have to offer, this flute has the performance and reliability needed to make you stand out among all others, an innovation in technology pushing Native American flutes to the limits!

Awesome Giant Black Walnut flute you will ever find is keyed to LOW Dm with 1.25" bore, #1 sideblown Swampfox in existence, my dished finger holes, the most comfortable mouthpiece known to man, & crystal clear concert quality beyond belief. This side blown flute allows the player to reach the holes on a huge bass flute that would normally be too great of a distance to reach. Titled, signed, numbered, and dated... My thanks to Creator for the wisdom given unto me during this flute's construction.

Per the Indian arts and crafts board I must state the following: Friends, you are viewing an Authentic Swampfox creation carrying the Swampfox trademark & I am the sole maker of this flute and totem. These flutes are Native Inspired thru my Grandmother's people. From the time I was 7 years old I new I would build the flutes. If it is important for you to purchase a flute from an enrolled tribal member living on reseration, it is my prayer that you find this flute you are seeking. Remember, according to the Indian arts and crafts act, should even the slightest part of an instrument be created by a Non-Indian person, the instrument cannot Legally be sold as "Native American made", including any art work in any shape, form, or fashion. For a first criminal offense, an individual is fined not more than $250,000 and/or jailed not more than 5 years; subsequent violations are not more than $1,000,000 and/or 15 years. Good night!!!!!! A person could make a lot of flutes in 5 years!!! :))

Retail $2,500.00

Please forgive me for all the misspelled words. These flutes are said to be among the best in the nation, but I never said I could spell correctly. :))


It was during this flutes time that a small baby fox tried to cross the country road here in Ga. As it made it's way to the other side, the kit fox could not jump high enough to clear the manmade ditch. As it turned back to cross the road again, it was hit by a car. I have a photo of the kit fox, but have not decided whether to place it here yet, as it is so sad.

This totem represents a fox in prayer for the baby who has left this world. It's life was only a few days. I believe this flute to be a true prayer flute full of power for the person who has lost someone they loved dearly - a connection to the other side.

One morning as a child I was awakened to the sound of our chickens screaming for their lives! When I looked out the window I saw the reason why!! A Red Fox was having itself a time out there catching all of the hen's biddies, (baby chicks for you city folks)...hehe :))

By the time I ran out there, the fox had harvested most of them, and he was very smart about it! That little dog had caught each one and had them in a pile in the field! No doubt he was planning to take them home to the den.

Another time a nearby farmer had a difficult time assessing what was happening to his fowl. This clever Large Fox would come and take a chicken each night leaving no signs whatsoever! Since the fox was taking the carcasses away with him to eat at another location, the farmer did not notice the depredation until many raids had taken place! There were hardly any chickens left when he finally figured out something was taking them in the night! :))

I love to watch foxes in winter when their thick fur coats look the best. What makes them so interesting is the fact that they have characteristics of both dogs and cats. I have seen them pounce many times over and over trying to catch a mouse. Other cat-like characteristics are their vertical slit eyes, somewhat retractable claws, very light body weight, and they also play with their prey, throwing it into the air and catching it again. They can even climb trees!

Red Foxes used to be hunted by wolves, panthers, lynxes, and bobcats, but not many of these creatures exist today. When a Red Fox is scared they do not run into their den, but instead, depend on their speed and intelligence to help them escape from the attacking animal. They are built to run for very long distances!

They have been known to follow wolves, hoping for a taste of leftovers from their prey.

If you ever have a chance to play with a kit fox, beware of their tiny needle sharp teeth! They are just having fun, but man does it hurt when they bite!!!

In closing I would like to say,,,This Prayer Fox flute is ready to adopt you my Friend. She will never let you down and you will always keep her by your side thru life just like man's best friend. The medicine she will share cannot be described in words, but when you here her voice, you will realize the power you are holding in your hands, a power that can be used as a mighty prayer tool!

Remember my Friends, follow Creator's example in everything you do just as a much loved child imitates his father.

Thru life people often have wondered why I am always happy and they want to know the key to this happiness. This answer is very easy! From the time I was old enough to listen, my Grandmother told me of the Lord, and how we should be full of love for others - following the example of Christ who loves us and gave himself as a sacrifice to take away our sins. I once read a Native American book that says this same God was here in America. It is called, "He walked the Americas."

Though I may not know you in person, we have the same spirit!

I am your Brother. Swampfox


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