Swampfox Harbor Seal Native American Flute Am

This Mahogany is VERY OLD! Flute is keyed to Am... Features a super hard beautiful finish, a 7/8" bore @ approx. 20" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy!! Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection, LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated.....I have titled this flute "Point Defiance." Please see below for the origin of a flute that makes me laugh each time I think of it's true story!

First let me say that "perfect" times are elusive. We often look back at the best times of our lives and think there will never be anything as good as we once had, or never another moment as great as the one shared with a loved one in the past. Some think life should be lived on some high emotional level not experiencing the most ordinary times with the most extraordinary Love. A man's life is but a glance and time is passing by quickly. As we look back, we should know that the peaks are not what made life worth while, but the time inbetween which gave us a chance to stand in a quiet forest, on a mountain top, or waterway, even if it is only in our spirit, and to know that LOVE made life worth living.

When the power went out in Georgia for three whole days, to most, this was the worst thing that could have happen. But to the Swampfox Family it was a wonderful experience! As the fire in the fireplace roared, we did not even think of this situation as being bad... Blue Sky had his rattles, Dancing Bear with his drum, me playing this Harbor Seal flute, and Baby Creesong dancing like never before. To me it was a chance to be grateful, to enjoy.

"Point Defiance" is a flute which will touch many thru it's Pure Voice. I can only hope that it will find the right person. And thru this little flute I pray that you will see the Dearness and Love of all whose ears hear it's voice.


We were fishing for giant Salmon at Point Defiance in Tacoma, Washington when this flute's totem became one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. Trolling the Deep water with my cousin Steve, a Native of Seattle, we were in a line of several other boats fishing the area.

Now Steve is well know in the Northwest for his ability to catch fish which sometimes go over 50 pounds! I couldn't have asked for a better guide, and the price was right, being my cousin and all. :))

Two hours into the morning we noticed a Harbor Seal playing like a puppy on the water very near our boat. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him! The depth finder showed fish VERY deep, so Steve had set out downriggers to take the bait to the perfect level. There were not many folks catching fish, but we were doing pretty good.

I hate to tell this part, but I may as well give you a laugh. At one point I had a really good hit. My rod bent over, and setting the hook, I pulled like crazy! Line spooled off and I reeled it back on. After several runs, me reeling this line back on each time, I noticed the fish wasn't tiring in the least!!! That's when cousin Steve looked over at a boat behind us and saw another fellow with the exact same problem!!!! Yes, we were hooked on each other's lures!!!! I hollered over there for him to give me a little slack so to unhook my catch! :))

It was only 10 minutes after seeing the Seal when the boat starboard hooked what had to be a world record Salmon!!! As the man fought the fish, all boats looked on with hopes of a glimpse should he take the fish on board his vessel. The fight went on and our boat just happened to be positioned perfectly to see the whole event!

Now what happened next is so funny, but maybe you had to be there to get the full effect. That Harbor Seal came swimming up between our boat and the one hooked up with the fish. He looked over at me and I would almost swear that seal was smiling! It was like he was saying, "watch this"!!!

Diving under, his back flippers topped the water and down he went!!! All of a sudden the poor fellow fighting the fish had a jolt to his rod which had to feel like a whale pulling on the thing.... Almost snatching him out of the boat, whatever it was, it was huge, and pulled all the line from his reel within seconds, then it BROKE!!!

Surfacing not 150 yards away was the Harbor Seal, and man was that the biggest Salmon in his mouth ever to be seen!!!!! I figure there couldn't be a better name for him than the place we were fishing, "Point Defiance".

Time is passing by and there will not be many Swampfox flutes in this world. If you are looking for your flute my friend, you can stop looking. When this one arrives at your door step, and you take it out of it's box, when you lift it to your lips and cover all of the holes, and when your breath of life enters it's body and the LOUD CLEAR sound flows forever on the air, you will know you have been blessed, and in your heart nothing else will matter at that moment, for the Great Creator has made it all worth while.

Brother Fox



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