Swampfox River Otter Native American Flute Key D# 100% THE LAST SWAMPFOX FLUTE FOR QUITE SOME TIME...

Hello my Good Friends!!!

I am within a few days of my latest journey which I will travel by land, air, and water, some 10,000 miles.....Hope to take a flute along on the trip. :))

I just wanted to see if anyone needs this flute for the holidays.... Didn't want it to sit here if someone wants to enjoy it. It is the last flute for many, many days, and should for some reason I not return, I guess it could be THE LAST.

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Exotic Orange Padauk glows like the sun! This Swampfox Megabore is keyed to D#, a favorite key of the old time flute player Neal Martin of Alaska. Neal always loved this key because it gives you the black keys on the keyboard!

Features my dished finger holes, a mouthpc to die for - VERY Comfortable!!! This bass flute will truly vibrate your fingers my Friends!!! Pure Loud Crystal Clear Voice!!!! Money back guarantee from Swampfox!

Do not check my feedback to decide if this is your flute. It is in your hands, with your fingers in place, your lips on the mouthpiece, your life giving wind, the song of your soul, and the answers to your prayers - It is there you will know if the flute is yours my Friends.


This flute has come along during one of the times when our children has had so much fun!!! Not yet having a totem, but just a test block in place, this flute traveled with us as we made our way down a Ga river! Karen thought we were there to have fun, but little did she know that I was actually totem hunting as usual! hehee :))

Two days would pass before we reached our destination, a long skinny island where two rivers come together and the catfish grow to enormous sizes in that very deep water!

Karen cooked breakfast as we drifted south, the boys catching bait, small river brim, for the night's fishing adventure. As the day went on, the live-well became full of these small fish which we hoped would lead to large fish late in the night.

It's a lot of work living on a river boat, but it is also lots of fun!

That evening, according to our GPS, we were only a mile out from the island.

As we approached this place, it was more beautiful than I had imagined!!! Some of the trees there looked to be over 100 years!

A bald eagle glided over and into a cove where he sat down in a large tree to do a little fishing himself!

I eased the throttle back as we made our approach, and turned the vessel - backing it in towards a sandbar on the island - then quickly hitting the trim to raise the lower unit from the water. Justin Dancing bear, my middle son, then spooled off a # 20 river anchor some 30' deep off the starboard bow & I dove into the water swimming to shore with a rope which I tied the back of the boat in two locations. This would prevent us from moving in the night.

There is nothing worse than waking up 20 miles down a river the next morning! Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!!!! :))

Many otter tracks dotted the sandbar - they are among the easiest tracks to identify of any animal!

It was not long before an adult otter appeared with her two young. Now otters sleep most of their life away, but they make up for this when they wake up!!!

Those were the most playful otters the Children had ever seen, and they performed all sorts of tricks which kept the little ones entertained for at least an hour! They were truly amused with the little critters!

We soon found out that their home was a hole in the river bank only feet away from our location.

Soon darkness came upon us & Karen flipped on the deck lights. Moments later our depth recorder sounded and I was in awe when I viewed the screen!!! A long line of channel cats were moving at a depth of 27 feet!!! They appeared to be huge! It was time for the fun to begin!

Grabbing several rods, we lowered bait down to the fish, then placed them in flush mounted holders to wait for the action, and man did we get it!

Little blue Sky set the first hook and the large fish ripped line for a 30 yard run before my son could turn the fish the first time. It would be the beginning of a long night of fishing under the stars! That fish weighed in at 22 pounds and was not the largest one caught!

Those children had so much fun fishing and Karen & myself had just as much fun watching them!

All during the night, we heard creatures moving about on the island, and I told the children not to worry - that it was most likely the otters, but whatever is living there, is much larger & I'm glad we were a ways out in the water to tell you the truth! :))

When I asked Baby Creesong what she liked most about the trip, she said that watching those otters playing behind our boat made her so happy. For sure this flute will always bring good memories & it has been a blessing from Creator to my Family. An otter has more fun than any other animal I know of!

No matter where you are in this world, Remember, YOU have a Brother in Swampfox!

Brother Fox



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