I was told that this wood is called Sapele. It reminds me of Cedar, yet is more durable and has an unbelievable sound!
This giant flute is 27" in length with a whopping bore dia. of over 1.25". Features dished finger holes, wonderful mouthpiece, tuned using Virtual Strobe, DEEP LOUD CLEAR Voice, Titled, signed, numbered and dated. I have titled this flute "Mountain Spirit" making it my first ever titled artwork.

Swampfox news: Karen & I were special guests @ the Amy Grant concert in Atlanta this past weekend. If you were sitting in the front approx. 10 ft away from her, you may have been sitting right beside Swampfox, and didn't even know it! :)) She also gave us her latest album & autographed it to us. A VERY special Lady to say the least! The funny part is our baby girl Creesong, 2 years, slept between my parents that night. She rolled around tossing and turning and kept them up half the night. Upon waking up the next morning, she told them that she didn't get a wink of sleep! :)) She is making her wolf face for you in the photos!

Native Americans have long considered the Wolf as teachers or pathfinders. They are fiercely loyal to their mates and family while maintaining individualism. To many tribes they were known as the "Ancients", and have always been associated with them. They are some of the most misunderstood creatures of all wild animals. Wolves are truly free spirits yet their packs are highly organized. They will go out of their way to avoid a fight. One is rarely necessary when a shift in posture, a glance, or growl gets the point across quite quickly. A person with Wolf Medicine is said to have a strong sense of self, and communicates well thru changes in their voice, and body movements. They often find solutions to problems that most would have no idea which path to take.


About a month ago we had a visitor. Someone's abandoned pet no doubt, but this was no ordinary pet my friends. If you put this creature beside a full blooded wolf, there would be no way to tell which was the wolf!

If he is not 100% pure, he is 99!
At first I didn't know what to think of him. He kept his distance, we made eye contact, but always the wolf slipped back into the woods if I tried to get closer to him. The crows have had a problem with him since he showed up here. They are not getting to eat the table scraps like they normally do. They carry on as if he were a hawk or an owl!

The story of a Giant flute created in memory of the Ancient ones:
It was an evening like any other, at least it started out that way... Sitting out back I was thinking about the day that had past. The sky turned an almost red color as the evening came to a close. Dusk is a wonderful time to see animals you would hardly ever see during the day. The little ones had already went inside and I too was thinking of heading that way. As I stood up, there in the distance some 300 yards out, I could make out a silhouette of a creature moving across the bottom land from the Eastern hills. Seconds later there appeared to be three, and they moved together as water flows in a stream. The closer they came I could tell the lead dog was the wolf, yet the other two appeared to look the same size and color. I wasn't going anywhere at this point. My curiosity was at an all time high! Then another creature came in from the same direction, yet it was smaller in size. All four swept across the valley and appeared to be hunting as a pack. When I saw that they were going away from me, and would soon disappear, I made a last ditch effort to get their attention. Now I can howl just about as good as a wolf or coyote can, so that's exactly what I did! All four stopped in their tracks turning towards me and the smallest of them slowly raised his head and howled right back at me!!! It did not sound at all like the coyotes which frequently visit us in the night. This was a deeper more haunting sound, yet I know they just had to be coyotes! Five minutes pasted, the sun's last light now gone for the day, and the ghost like figures just disappeared into thin air. I have told many people about this sighting, and some say what I witnessed that evening was Ghosts from another time. The Ancient Ones who's spirits live in the wolf still today.
Whatever passed through here the other evening, their message seemed quite clear.
Saying hello, they only wanted to be left alone.
To live as our Ancestors lived.
To be free from all that man has made this land into today.
I will honor these Ancient Ones in my next three flutes.




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