Swampfox Ghost Raven Native American Flute CONCERT F# A Flute which my 89 Year Old Grandfather Helped Design!

Hi Guys! Today I present to you a flute you will truly Love!!! It is enough to simply sit and hold this flute, yet there is a secret locked inside. It is a Powerhouse for the musician who wants everything in one flute! Black Cherry from the hills of Pennsylvania has so much character! Keyed to F# featuring my dished finger holes for comfort of play, my first ever Stainless Steel mouthpiece, the flute is 23" in length, and has a voice to die for!!! Rustic Abstract totem - burned in the Sacred fire! Mark of the Creator in a fox track feather. Satin smooth finish is as hard as a rock! Tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up!

This is the flute which you can take out of the box and walk into the studio!!! If it is yours, soon you will know what I am saying here my Friend.


As some of you know, I love to have everyone involved with these flutes. Sometimes my 3 children have a contest which they sketch many totems and soon they run to me with their little ideas. They think their drawings are the best ever to be seen, and sometimes they really are!

But this flute is special because there was someone else who helped in it's design. When I asked my 89 year old Grandfather what he would like to see in a Swampfox flute,,,,well,,,, the totem was a no brainer...... He loves that old Abstract Ghost Raven with the long bill for sure.

The flute he wanted to see was a vision from the past when he was around 40 years old. It was a flute with a metal mouthpiece, which to me, resembles a few I had once seen in the old Dayton collection.

My last living Grandfather's vision has come true in this flute called "Miakoda." This is the name given by my Grandfather because the flute has come to pass during the full moon. Miakoda meaning, "Power of the Moon."

When this flute arrives at your door in a few days, you will find the power he is speaking of........ :))

Always Remember the old saying my Friends,,, "Love is not Love unless you give it away."

We Love You Guys!!!!

Forever your Brother,

- Swampfox



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