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Exotic Tiger Purple Heart

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Gigantic Purple Heart flute is keyed to LOW Cm. Features my dished finger holes, perfectly comfortable mouthpiece, grey feather, & sacred coyote totem. Distance of spread between top three holes is center to center is 2.5" (two and a half inches) - lower holes are 2.75" ( two and three quarter inches)....... From mouth to center of top hole is 14" and the flute is approx 29" in length with a 1.25" bore dia.. Titled, signed, numbered and dated. Retail $1,700.00

Now this is the wonderful thing about this Large flute: Normally in a flute of this size bore, it takes a great amount of air flow to keep the flute in song...More than most people can sustain...I have remedied this problem, and this flute will play with the SLIGHTEST breath, much similar to a Swampfox G#, ( a medium sized flute)... You will not even know you are breathing to achieve top volume!!!

100% Perfect for the recording artist!!!!

Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee from Swampfox!!! Hear this AWESOME flute for yourself @ Swampfoxflutes soon to come, or send me an email, even if you only want to listen........

For the one who loves even the domesticated dog of today, I present to you a flute called "Meka."

Please read the origin and should it speak to you in some way, maybe you are the Keeper of this flute.


Some will never know the meaning of being a true Brother - the simplest thing, yet they will never experience the One thing Creator meant for us to have. A love between Brothers cannot be broken. The Creatures seem to have a greater understanding of this truth, than mankind.

The day of this flute:

Before light, on a rural country road I pulled the truck into a local coffee shop, a place in the middle of no where. Around a large table they sat, old men who no longer have the world's grip upon them. They are free and work no more, yet still rise before most, simply to fellowship among Brothers.

At the bar Shelly poured my cup to the brim. There was an uncanny silence in the room as I took the first mornings sip of coffee.

Looking towards the crowd, not one of the old men took their eyes from mine. These men know how I feel about God's creatures. There was a sadness in the air and I wondered if they knew... Many of them take the same back country roads as I.

Miles Smith, a large man of Cherokee blood spoke first, his eyes glazed over as he told his tale.

Before he said a word I knew Meka's spirit had passed into the other world. On Mudbridge road, I had placed her in the bed of my truck moments before. I remembered how a soft whisper of wind had moved her fur, then a peaceful silence came over the forest as I lifted her lifeless body.

But Miles had a story to tell. Something no other had witnessed that morning in the fog.

When he came upon the coyote in the road, she was not alone. The dogs of the Eastern Band stood together encircling the one in a ceremonie of some sort, each licking Meka as if trying to bring her back. Then, beneath the darkened sky, each raised their heads in what seemed to be a death cry.

And as they slowly departed, one by one, it was the Black dog "Istaqa" who remained the longest. Perhaps they were soul mates, Miles said. It was described as one of the saddest things he had ever seen.

To most who passed the coyote that morning, it was just something dead in the road. Something the vultures would clear before sunset. But to those who gathered at a table in a small coffee shop, a tragedy had occurred in the Bear Creek Eastern Band of Coyotes.

As I buried Meka that morning, the clouds seemed to flow to the ground as if lifting her spirit to the heavens, and when the flute was complete, this same eerie event took place once more. Although this world will be a sadder place without Meka, I have tried to capture her spirit, to live on in this Purple Heart flute.

The clouds have given their approval, and the flute carries the powerful prayer medicine of one of the few wild animals whose primitive voice is still commonly heard in the night.

We Love You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I have finished the Gm flute "Istaqa" - a black living Coyote of the Eastern Band which was believed to be the soul mate of "Meka." What I am about to tell you is so unbelievable, that I did not believe it myself, but if I did not share this, I would be doing a great wrong.

Last night as we were trying to go to sleep, a lone coyote just outside our window let out a VERY loud, wailing, mournful howl - so loud that I thought it was in the house with us!!!. This dog could have been no other than "Istaqa" - such a loud crying lament for the dead.

Although the moon was full and Xtremely bright, I saw nothing when I raced to the window. This is not the first, nor the last supernatural event to take place on this land. Swampfox


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Good things are happening my friends!!! And this just in from another Good Brother!

Swamp Fox,

I ran across your latest auction on Ebay, and decided to go and view your

Brother, I've been listening to spirit a lot lately, and it's telling me
that a flute is for me... I've been resisting it for a while, because I have
never played one, but I know that I have music in me. I just built my own
drum for use in ceremony, and at our last sweat the elder was quite
impressed! <laugh> What is even more amusing is that I have bought a flute
bag, even though I have no flute!

... I was on a trip up North to the NorthWest Territories, and I spied a
flute in one of the small stores up there... Something was telling me to go
back... go back... not sure why I didn't, but at the time it just didn't
seem "right"... Or maybe it was the flute that wasn't right...

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and we have a park in our city called
"Nose Hill" park. It is a very sacred place where one can be in touch with
mother and father, and be one with nature - even in the middle of the city.
It is quite large, and once you are in there, you cannot see or hear the
city at all. It also has a lot of history with at least 3 chiefs buried up
there... My last visit there, it was getting close to sunset and I was
taking my brother-in-law up there to teach him how to pick sage in a
respectful manner. I decided to take him to a particular valley within the
park. On our way to a good spot for sage, we spied a porcupine in the trees.
We both remarked at it, as he had never seen one in the wild before. we
respected our four legged brother and passed by without disturbing him. As
we arrived at our destination, I showed my brother how to properly pick
sage, and let him privately speak to the grandfather... as he was, I glanced
up the hill and saw a 10 point white tailed buck walk out of the trees!
Amazing! he was at the top of the hill, framed against the red/pink sky. He
glanced down at us as we gathered sage, and watched us for a few moments...
he didn't turn or run - just watched... I gave my thanks to the great spirit
for giving us this magnificence... The energy of this deer was absolutely
amazing... his fur... muscles... something I will never forget... After
watching us for a moment, he simply turned and walked across the crest of
the hill into another copse of trees. A few minutes later, as the sun was
at that perfect position in the sky, I looked off towards the sunset and saw
a white tailed doe at the crest of another hill in the distance! Wow! I felt
that the creator was blessing us that evening... so many of our four legged
brothers and sisters! But that wasn't the end of the show... we picked sage
for a few more minutes moving from one patch to another, and spirit told me
to look up the hill directly above us. I looked up, and there was another
porcupine! A very large male, and it was more than obvious that he had been
sitting there watching us for a long time. He was sitting back on his
haunches with both of his front paws on his belly... almost like he was
watching a good show! Each time we looked up, he turned as if he was
eating, or doing something else... then when he felt we were not watching
him he would turn back around and sit with his paws on his belly and watch
us again! After about 10 minutes of this game, he started speaking to us,
and bid us a goodbye... Needless to say, we left that evening feeling quite

The great spirit rewards us in many ways, we only have to open our eyes and
our hearts!

Anyway, the point of my story is that porcupine reminds us that we must
always remain innocent... and playful. Which is why I send you this
email... your site and flutes have struck a chord in me... <laugh> And I
know that spirit will not leave me alone until I have a flute... perhaps it
is to get more in touch with my playful side, and stop being so serious!

I was admiring all of the flutes on your site, and was curious if all of
these ones have been sold? Is the only flute you have available the one on
Ebay? It is a magnificent piece, by the way... And the origin is uncanny...
Three weeks ago, at a Sunday sweat, one of my brothers brought in a young
coyote that had been struck by a car and just left on the side of the road.
I thought the same as you... how many others had driven by and just seen
this young one as "something dead on the road". A few new people at that
sweat were a little unnerved at seeing her body there... But I went and
stroked her amazing coat.. how often do we get to do that? In that sweat,
her spirit was definitely with us, and we honored her spirit and treated her
with the respect she deserved.

Because of this similarity in story, I'm wondering if this is the flute for

Ultimately, I'm curious as to how you sell your flutes. Are the ones on
your site available? or do you only sell through Ebay?

Apologies for the long-winded email, but I felt it was appropriate to
share... :)

I felt that I should tell you this story... because after visiting your site and reading your words, I felt our spirits are close as well.. and knew you would understand the feelings that such encounters bring out in us... the sacredness that is around us at all times... We only need to look! - not only with our eyes, but with our hearts as well...


Joel (Whitikoka)



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