Note: The person who receives "Medicine Talker" will forget all of their worries without a doubt! This is what it's all about my friends!! When a flute comes out this loud and clear it is a Sacred Blessing to me, and to all who's ears hear it's voice! When played with respect and honor, this flute will bring special blessings from the Creator who Loves the sound of these flutes, for it is written in his Holy Word! Your song will be a gift to him and he will not let you down my Brothers and Sisters!!!

Walnut flute is keyed to G#, which is slowly becoming my favorite key!... Features a 7/8" bore @ approx 22" in length, dished finger holes, very comfortable mouthpiece, tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection, LOUD & CLEAR Voice, money back guarentee!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated. I have titled this flute "Medicine Talker"........ I can honestly say that this is the most detailed work on a totem that I can remember doing.... Was pecked three times during totem placement on the flute, and twice during the photo shoot! Had he not been tied down I would have surely lost him near the river where the other Woodpeckers called to him!!!


As you may know, where I live, it usually doesn't take long to find a totem for a flute! The day this flute came into being was about as exciting as it gets around here!! I had rolled out the lathe and the very first thing that happened was a Red-Bellied Woodpecker flew right over my head to the Northern direction. This would be the beginning of this flute's journey into the world! While still working the flute barrel, three more Woodpeckers of the same species made an appearance giving this flute special rights to carry the most Sacred totem of all! Now what I'm about to tell you is the truth so help me God!

During the entire process of carving the totem, painting, and evening as I applied a clearcoat, these Woodpeckers came in as if welcoming a new Brother into the world! At one time I was completely surrounded by them as they hopped around making all sorts of racket in the large trees!!! I walked back into the basement for a moment, then returned to see how the totem looked. Much to my surprise, a beautiful Cardinal was standing two feet away from the totem. He thought this was a live bird!! And finally as I photographed the flute on this cloudy Ga day, I was once again amazed as Woodpeckers came from every direction as if in celebration of their new Brother.
If you ask any Swampfox Woodpecker owner about their Woodpecker flute, they will tell you that the medicine is among the strongest known in the flute world today.
I couldn't let the Woodpeckers down today, so I had to play a flute prayer for them, and for the future owner.
I would be willing to bet that somewhere 2 miles or more away, a hunter was sitting in a tree thinking to himself, "what in the world is that sound?"

:)) Brother Fox

This just in from Brother Bill:

Dear Swampfox,
I was becoming impatient to try the new flute and so knew that I was not in the correct frame of mind to honor it properly. I decided to hike to a sacred spot I know deep within Forest Park Nature Center here in Peoria.
There is an old tree there that has a large growth on it and I have always
been afraid someone would cut it down for the grain in the growth. For some reason I have always felt it to be on sacred ground. I have placed large rocks in a circle around the tree and have often cleared the tree of fallen debris and made sure it received proper nutrients. Often times I go there to find inspiration for my spirit to cope with life in the flesh. Today I prayed to the Heavenly Father and thanked him for your introduction into my life. I thanked him for blessing you with such a good heart and allowing me to share in that blessing. Maybe there is merely a psychological need for me to relate to you but my heart tells me there is a much deeper purpose. There is no requirement on your part and no need to treat me different than anyone else.
I am just relating to you how I feel.

I played the flute near the tree and felt all its leaves vibrate in unison.
Theirs was the only other sound besides the flute. No birds, no crickets, no rustling of squirrels gathering acorns. The smell of the oil from the instrument filled the air and the notes played took on a real physical characteristic that lingered within my vision for some time.
These are all things that can not be expressed in the limited form of
language. I think you may understand.

Swampfox,...this is now my favorite flute. I can't even lust for another
flute just yet. How can I want more when I have just been given everything in total. Listen to the wind tonight my friend and see if you can hear my grateful song being played in your direction. I will not forget where this flute came from and it shall never go unappreciated. As much as I love it, I have to tell you this. This flute is OURS because it now contains both our spirits. Should you ever need it back, it is
yours for the asking. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being its caretaker.
Your Brother of the Wind,



After reading this letter from you I did go out into the night to listen, but I took with me the first flute I ever made over 22 years ago! There was not the slightest breeze blowing, you have my word on this!
About one minute past and the little bell Karen has hanging out there started to ring, the trees started to move, swaying in the wind which had not blown all night!!! It was then that I raised the old flute to my lips, and I heard your song coming from the North and it was beautiful my Brother of the wind!

I never dreamed you could play so well! :)) Swampfox



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