Swampfox PUFFIN Native American Flute Flutes SAX A#

The totem for this flute came to us in Alaska. Puffins are some of the cutest birds I have ever seen! They help mankind by acting as indicators of ocean health. Spending most of their lives at sea, when they return to nest, they indicate the abundance of fish by how many they bring ashore for their chicks. Over-fishing by man will deplete fish populations and Puffins will bring home less fish. This is a bad thing for Puffins and humans, since we both rely on fish for food.

Now I once read somewhere that Puffins feeding their young will average about 10 fish per trip! But the documented record was 62 fish at once!!!

This totem represents long life as Puffins live to be almost 30 years old!

When Karen & I witnessed a Puffin fight I thought there wouldn't be much to it, but those little critters started stomping their feet, then locked peaks and a wrestling match took place that was unbelievable! It was also fun for the other Puffins to watch as well!!! Yes, many of them gathered around and the next thing we knew there were about 20 Puffin spectators crowding round the two which were fighting! Never seen nothing like it!!

Now the one I have carved here is a very friendly Puffin which caused no trouble at all. :))

It was the last half of the 1800's when the Puffin was given the scientific name of Fratercula Arctica. In Latin this means "Little Brother of the North."

In closing I would like to thank Bill and Cathy Clark of Canada for the purchase of my last flute "Point Defiance." Doctor Clark is a serious collector and will soon be recording his beautiful songs for all of us to hear. He now owns five Swampfox flutes amoung many others he has collected.

This in from a Brother whom I only know as Three Bloods. WOW! Another honor I do not deserve!


Deciding to collect each key of flute you make is to embark upon an exciting and wonderful journey! Many will begin this journey, but considerably fewer will ever finish it. It will require perseverance and considerable attention to the few flutes which pass through ebay for many moons. But when a collection is completed, it will be an impressive and everlasting achievement to pass down to generations to come.

May peace and Love be with you always brother, Three Bloods



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