Backpacking Native American Flute Ghost Totem "Kiche"
Meaning Sky Spirit.

Custom Concert Quality 100%

We Love U Guys!!! :))

Poplar flute is keyed to G#... Flute is approx 22" in length, VERY CLEAR beautiful voice!!! Absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! Perfectly dished finger holes for 100% comfort!!!

Flute features custom hole placement for a person who plays with their left hand at the top of the instrument.

In the early morning (year 1985) of a three day Pow Wow, I had a flute with the same hole placement as this one standing vertical on a rack before me which held 30 flutes. The first man that came along picked that single flute up and played a song in the crisp morning air. He then paid me for the flute, and it was the first to find it's home during the Warm Springs Ga. Pow Wow! My Lakota friend returned from wandering around and said, "Hey!!! I was going to buy that flute from you! I didn't even get to look at it yet!" :)) I don't know why, but it was funny at the time!

Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Hear this AWESOME flute for yourself @ Swampfoxflutes.com, or send me an email, even if you only want to listen........ :))

Titled, Signed, Numbered & Dated.


Meaning: Sky Spirit

Totem: Northwest Coast Kingfisher


Hello my Brothers and Sisters! Some may wonder why I call everyone this.... It is funny in a way. Where I work, I have called all of the guys my Brother, and soon most of them started calling me "Brother" as well! The fact is, if you believe in the Holy One, you will know that we are all truly related.

It is said that when the first Europeans came here, Native Americans called each other Brother. This was confusing to the white men as they could not tell which of the men in the tribes were related by blood. :)) I guess it didn't matter back then, because most of them Loved each other more than they Loved themselves. I think that was a good time to have lived.

During this flute's time I have heard the Kingfisher laugh from the Eastern direction of the skinny water swamp three times. Never did I see the bird, it was ghost like, but there is no mistaking the voice of the Kingfisher! Once you have heard one, you will easily recognize the bird from a great distance by sound alone.

This totem is an abstract Northwest style as you can see in his war bonnet - (top of head)...... :))

In these parts, the Kingfishers are already paired up and are starting to build their nests. Spring is just around the corner!

I once had one of these birds escort me for many miles on a kayak trip down the Flint River! They're a common sight on all waterways of the USA.

This evening I took the boys fishing - we caught many fish, but it was Little Blue Sky who caught a really nice bass... Dark when we came in, but he wanted his picture taken, and so I have included it for you in my revision here.

If one of you decide to own this flute, you will be VERY, VERY happy when it comes to your door! It looks better in person, and the voice is SO CLEAR that you will be excited just to wake up each day to play it! :))

Remember it is custom built for the person who likes to have their left hand at the top of the instrument.

My Friends, I also want to tell you something else that will keep you healthy.... Try to get outside as much as possible.... Our homes today and the places most people work are almost airtight... No fresh air is coming inside! Native Americans were hardly ever sick and here is why: Have you ever slept in a tee pee? The old tee pees did not go all the way to the ground and so a small gap was there which created a flow of fresh air all the time. Air would pass under and then out thru the top.

Take a kid fishing, hiking or camping. You will probably have more fun than them, and that is what life is about, isn't it? And if you need a good flute to take along, "Kiche" is the best friend you'll find for this! :))

It is said the Kingfisher is the connection to peace, happiness, and love, and brings a clear vision from the waters which keeps it alive.

It has the ability to dive into emotional waters and catch one's dreams - to go into the unknown without fear - a powerful teacher of wisdom.

It is my prayer that the Great Creator will bless all of you in every way! You know my heart.

Much Love, Brother Fox



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