Sound files available {3} for this Exotic flute @ Swampfoxflutes.com - Should you have trouble hearing them please email me.... I will revise again soon... We Love You Guys!!!! Fox

Many thanks to baby Creesong for going on the photo shoot with me in the flood plains........She was so excited to hold the flute and her EXACT words were: "Daddy!!!! It's SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!"

Brothers and Sisters, I come to you with a Blessing from above and here it is:
There is a way to tap into the Great Creator's Powers!!! The secret is,,, there is no secret! It is but a simple thing to do.....Just ask, believe, and you will see this for yourself! I have told you before how the Creator wants to Bless all of his children and we are all children of this Spirit Father, the Creator of all that is! He wants to Bless us in many ways!

If you except that you are a child of the Most High Father, the Father that created the whole universe, you will soon find his FAVOR upon you my friends!!! You will recieve preferential treatment!!! As the old saying goes, it is not who we are, but whose we are! Soon you will find people going out of their way to help you! They will not even know why they are doing it! This is a fact, and I see it happening all the time!

None of us are perfect for sure! Just let me tell you what happened this very week!

Karen had told me numerous times to put the new decal on my truck's tag for the last five months!
Did I do this? No!

Now I normally do not drive that particular truck to work, just to swamps and such, but since my other truck's window needs a new switch, I had taken the smaller truck to work.

As I was driving home from work that day, I turned onto the long country road we live on - where they have recently changed the speed limit from 55 to 45.

Somehow I found myself racing down that old road around 75 mph!!! I must have thought I was in the Atlanta 500 or something!!! What in the world was I thinking????

I was about a mile from our home when I saw an old hay truck coming towards me, and guess who was right behind him - unseen by my eyes??? Yes, it was a deputy patrol car!

I went by him like a bolt of lightening!
When I looked in the mirror.......Oh yes!!!! This guy was doing some serious braking and sliding and turning around!!!!! I went over the hill then pulled into a ditch to wait for him.

When he came over the hill, the blue lights were flashing full blast!!! It was all he could do to stop that car to pull in behind me!

It looked like he was speeding to me, but I didn't have my radar gun at the time! Wooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!

I was already sitting on the tailgate trying to cover up that old expired tag with my legs hanging down there. hehe........

When he stepped out of the car he said, "Coming home from work?"

Me - with my aircraft uniform on, "Yes Sir."
Then he asked for my license of course...
While looking it over he said, "Do you realize how fast you were going?

I said, "Yes, I haven't a clue what I was thinking going that fast."

And next he saw my tag and immediately called it in on his radio!!! He then asked me if I had the new decal for the tag and I told him that it was on our refrigerator. I don't think he liked that too much either. :))

Then it happened, he had every right to throw the book at me, yet the officer looked over his clipboard & into my eyes and said, "I don't know why I am doing this, but I'm not going to write you a ticket."

I reached out and shook his hand, and said to him, "You're alright my Brother!"

So you see, the days of miracles are not over! I recieved preferential treatment, not because of me, but because of the Holy One above!
I'm out of time for now guys, but will be back very soon to tell you all about this flute which carries the Apache name "Kachinas" meaning Grandfathers. Stay tuned...........


Exotic Goncalo Alves wood flute is keyed to Bm...Carries the Sacred Abstract Raven totem identical to one I created in 1982. Features a SUPER TOUGH - HARD finish ready to go anywhere in this world! Approx 21" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! LONG first stage chamber virtually eliminates wet out. Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Xtremely LOUD AND CLEAR Voice - BEST OF THE BEST!!!! Purest, cleanest voiced flute you will ever find!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated....

My Brothers and Sisters,

We live on this earth but a few short years. If you are searching for something to hold on to, something that will have a Great Effect on your life in the way you will seek, please, and receive favors from our Creator, something to pass down to the generations to come, you may want to consider this spirit flute of the Grandfathers to become a part of your life.

I am now reducing the price to near nothing in order that the flute find it's place among the people.


I have seen my Grandfather again! It was my Grandmother's birthday during this flutes entrance into the world. She is now 91 years - Looks to be 65, and still has streaks of black in her now grey hair!

As I drove my Grandparents to our home for the party, my Grandfather asked if I had done what he told me to do.... I said to him, "Don't I always do what you say Grandfather?" His reply, "Not when you were young!" He had a big smile, as did I..........He then said, "Keep your eyes on the road!" My Grandfather, he is so funny!

When we arrived I helped them inside, then brought out this "Kachina" flute. I knew it was what he really wanted to see... He wasted no time taking the flute from my hands, & then looked over every inch! Passing it to my Father, he said to me, "You made it better than my Vision, it is even better than my flute! Now tell me every detail of your journey into the swamp that morning!"

You see, Years ago I had given him a flute with a similar totem and this is now his favorite totem to see on a flute!

My Grandfather had instructed me to go to a certain area of the Swampland. He said I would find the Raven there. He also said to take a camera so all would be able to see these birds for themselves!

It was early in the morning when I searched for the totem for this flute. I went before light to see if it was meant to be.

Now things have happen in these swamps that make me know our Ancestors, yours and mine, are still in existence to this day! It is a sacred world there, and so you see in a sacred manner.

Now there is a difference between the Raven and a Crow. A Raven has a heavy bill and their tail is wedge shaped, where a Crow's tail is shaped like a fan. I knew the moment I saw the birds that they were young Ravens!!! Two came out of the east, then turned north. Goose bumps ran thru my spirit as I watched their morning flight.

I thought how my Grandfather had called them wolf birds, he said they hunt in packs, mate for life, eat meat, and are even affectionate to humans. It is a known fact that they lead wolves to prey and then feed alongside them!

In closing these are the words my Grandfather says to you. I documented his words in my Swampfox journals of 23 years and will also document the person who this flute is passed to:

"We know that the time of our Grandfathers will never be again. Those were a time. The Old Ones knew that the old ways would soon die out. We can keep close to us a few memories of those ancient days of long ago. This Kachinas flute is a way to remember those times that will never be again."

Blessings to all, Brother Fox

This just in from Brother Stewart from California who won the Buffalo flute called "Big Medicine Tatanka."

I was pleasantly surprised
to discover how comfortable the flute was in my hands.
My other beginner NA flute
arrived too along with the "how to play" DVD I
ordered. To compare the two would be an insult to
your workmanship. Your flute is truly magnificent. I
want to thank you again for getting it to me so
quickly. And I want to thank you for the CD too!
Listening to it gave me an idea of how far a journey
I've got ahead of me- it's like I'm standing here on
earth and I need to get to where you are, somewhere
among the stars!
You've been blessed with a valuable gift- the ability
to touch the lives of others by bringing them the joy
of music thru your marvelous creations. Thank you for
sharing that gift with me.

May you and your loved ones continue to have a blessed
and prosperous future,




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