"Hummingbird who sings"

                                   Crystal Clear!

                                The Oldest Magic

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                           A Swampfox Production
 You may wonder why the pro's & people who play much of their lives choose Swampfox flutes... It is because from start to finish, these are created for the elite professional who demands precise and accurate control. They are built to be the best of the best - tested and adjusted meticulously to get the most superb & incredible sound possible - giving you the entire range of notes in the minor scale. Totems are matched and tested with each flute as a set due to differences in wood grain. Tuning is tested, adjusted and retested using Virtual Strobe until it is as perfect as a flute can be at 72 degrees F.. Totems and flutes are made only as a set which is the key to the highest level of performance to make sure each flute performs at its maximum potential. Swampfox flutes are created one flute at a time to absolute perfection. A unique sound file is often included in each listing. 
Flute is created from 50 year old Northwest Cedar keyed to Am with abstract Hummer Totem.   :))  
Anyone can play and the fun never ends!!! Thanks to Creator for this one!  :))  
Flute has a Liquid Crystal Clear Voice and you have my word as a man, you will not be disappointed... It is Absolutely, Totally, Awesome in sound quality and tuned to Perfection. Take it out of the box and play with any other instrument that is perfectly tuned.
The dished finger holes have been a Swampfox Tradmark for 26 years - making these flutes among the most comfortable in the world today. Another Swampfox Trademark is the most wonderful mouthpiece you will ever find in a flute - The SLOTTED mouthpiece!!! This slot allows me to machine the flute's mouthpc for a perfect fit to your lips! You will LOVE this feature my friends.
From the time I was 7 years I knew I would build the flutes. They are Native inspired thru my Grandmother's people of the Muskogee Creek Nation, but more than that, they are inspired thru the Great Creator of all living things. Many times as I stand before the wood, I have no idea what the flute nor it's totem will turn out to be. Sometimes in life we must ask in earnest prayer for the answers, even to the smallest of things. As I pray for Creator's wisdom, it soon becomes clear what is meant for these flutes, and it is a powerful presence when this Creator's wisdom moves.
Friends, Much of the precision equipment I use in the construction of these flutes has been created by myself over time and is yet unknown to the world, yet other machinery is the finest money can buy. This ensures the Keeper will Always be Xtremely Happy with their flute. While all precision work is done in the shop, I still to this day turn the flutes on a lathe outside in the wind under the great open sky. In essence, a Swampfox flute comes forth after much prayer, and it is a Holy and Sacred thing to behold from our Creator. I thank this Creator for you my friends, and for the abundance He has given unto us thru the years.
Painted with the finest pigments in the world and will never fade,, Heir-looms to be passed down for generations to come! Only the Very Best from Swampfox for you my Friends!
Retail 1,200.00
You know my heart,,,,,,,,,, from the beginning, some 26 years ago, Swampfox flutes has been about having fun!
When the fun stops, so will I.  :))
During this flutes time I ventured all the way out to the hummingbird feeders - not very far at all! heheee!! 
Never did I expect to capture an event such as this one seen here below!
The Lord has poured out his blessings upon us once more and the Keeper of this flute will soon realize this in full!
Knowing that these little birds are about to partake in a journey far away, I was a tad sad as I watched them in their last days of summer here.
BUT,,,,,,,,,A hummingbird is known to chear a person up, and these native birds did not let us down! As a matter of fact, it was about the funniest thing I have ever witnessed as two of the smallest creatures started arguing over the honey pot!
This mid air struggle went on for at least 30 seconds before the hummer decided to call off the war! It seems the thing which is the tiniest of all, made clear the decision in this battle........... The Stinger!!!!!!     :))
I guess this is the very first female hummer I have created due to the fact that the male is so much more beautiful, just as it is with mankind..............
Wooooooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Just kidding girls,,,, heee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I know,,, I know,,,,,,, you gals are the prettiest - no need to write me about this.    :)))
Remember, the Lord's blessing is our greatest wealth. All our work adds nothing to it!
Each of you cannot be here with me to enjoy the scenery, but at least you can take part in the photos below...   :))
A picture's worth a thousand words - they say, so I will stop typing now.



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