Black Walnut flute is keyed to F# with a 7/8" bore dia. & approx. 22" in length. The mouthpiece may be the best yet! The flute has dished finger holes and three sets of rings which set this flute apart from others. The end of the barrel has a "wrap around" mouth (shown below)...This flute sounds AWESOME and is ready to go anywhere my friends! It will be hard for folks to pass this one by without stopping to take a look!! I put this flute into the same class as the famous Pileated Woodpecker flute.......

And now the true story of this flute's origin.....

Tiger of the woods
The flute was constructed and all it needed was a totem. I looked to the sky, to the woods, and finally to the water. Still, there was nothing my friends! It is when this happens that I know in my heart the Creator has something special in mind! That night I was puzzled as I went to sleep as to what this flute would carry as it's totem. It was 2:30am when I heard the sound. Like a woman screaming for her life! If I hadn't heard this so many times before, I would have probably called 911. :)) Now you have to love doing this stuff to crawl out of bed with a beautiful woman snuggled next to you, (don't tell Karen about this)...Just kidding, it was her!..hehehe... but I had to see this creature with my own eyes! I quickly grabbed my Streamlight, and eased out of the back door and into the night. It was cool out for a change, and a slight fog had rolled in from the water. I waited until I had heard the sound once more then slipped into the brush to get closer before turning on the light. The moon was as big as I have ever seen it that night! I could see the outline of the creature which looked like a winged Tiger against the bright night sky. Without a doubt, it was the Great Horned Owl!!! Around here we call them the Tiger of the Woods! And there is a good reason for this my friends!! Hardly anything that moves is safe from this Owl!!! They will scan for prey thru the night, and have been known to take young alligators, domestic cats, woodchucks, geese, Great Blue Herons, rabbits, birds, fish, amphibians, and anything else that it wants to eat! It has one of the most POWERFUL Grips with it's feet of any of the owls! There have been reports of Great Horned Owls taking Red Tailed Hawks, and they will eat anything from crayfish to young foxes, sometimes taking prey 2 to 3 times heavier than itself. There was once a report of one here in the South that walked into a chicken coop and had itself a chicken sandwich!

In North America the major causes of death are road kills, pesticides, illegal shootings, and electrocution from power lines. Studies show the Great Horned Owl has the potential to live almost 30 years.
This Owl represents Long life and wisdom. They are smart, patient, and can tolerate the worst weather.
To the Native people, the owl is the totem of clairvoyants & mystics.
They carried the souls of the Ancient Ones. "Keepers of the Night."




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