Gitchie Manito

Blessing to you from Creator! It is my prayer this day. We Love You Guys!!!!!!!!! :))

If you are a recording artist, or simply want the VERY BEST I have to offer, these flutes have the performance and reliability needed to make you stand out among all others, an innovation in technology pushing Native American flutes to the limits and beyond!


If you have a close partner/friend and would like two flutes that can be played together whether on stage, recording, or elsewhere, you may want to consider becoming the Keeper of these Swampfox flutes. In the short sound file I have greatly reduced the dbs for the high pitched Cm as not to drowned out the Low Cm. That thing can be heard for miles!!!
Per the Indian arts and crafts board I must state the following: Friends, you are viewing an Authentic Swampfox Creation carrying the Swampfox trademark & I am the sole maker of these flutes and totems. They are Native Inspired thru my Grandmother's people. From the time I was 7 years old I knew I would build the flutes. If it is important for you to purchase a flute from an enrolled tribal member living on reservation, it is my prayer that you find this flute you are seeking. Remember, according to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, {an act in place to protect the consumer from purchasing items that are not 100% AUTHENTIC NATIVE AMERICAN MADE}, should even the slightest part of an instrument, or craft be created by a Non-Indian person, the instrument / craft CANNOT Legally be sold as "Native American made", including ANY art work in any shape, form, or fashion. For a first criminal offense, an individual is fined not more than $250,000 and/or jailed not more than 5 years; subsequent violations are not more than $1,000,000 and/or 15 years. Good night!!!!!! A person could make a lot of flutes in 5 years!!! :)) Woooooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Giant Cherry flute is keyed to LOW Cm with 1.25" bore, my dished finger holes, the most comfortable mouthpiece known to man, & crystal clear concert quality voice beyond belief. Titled, signed, numbered, and dated... Instrument grade Poplar flute is keyed to HIGH Cm with 3/4" bore and old pow wow style mouthpiece. My thanks to Creator for the wonderful sound of these instruments!

Check out the photo of our dog Snowfox,,, I have finally figured out a way to get him to pull baby Creesong in her wagon! hehee!!

Revision: Someone has asked if the dog is holding the flute in the photo, and although it may appear to be the case, he has not been trained well enough, and would leave ferocious teeth marks in the flute. :)) Thanks for the question.

Retail $1,700.00


Most of Washington's wolves were believed to have been killed by fur traders, government hunters, & settlers by the late 1800s. But now there is confirmed evidence that they are back! Like people, they are at the top of the food chain, but we must remember that these creatures need our protection if they are going to survive.

It all started with a mournful, haunting howl heard one summer of 1990, and with that howl, wolves in the Cascade Mountains broke 60 years of silence - ending a period when they were no longer living in Washington State!

I have spoken often of the wolf and raven helping each other thru life & now have joined them together in the key of Cm.

Ravens are known to hunt cooperatively with wolves. This has even been filmed and so we know it is true. Ravens will alert wolves to prey! After the harvest, and the wolves are full, the Raven will then feed on the prey. It is a known fact that wolves and ravens engage in playful behavior with each other. The ravens swoop down at the wolves, who will give chase playfully!

I have journeyed deep into the land of the wolf - the land of the old wolves before men almost drove them to extinction - into the Cascade Moutain Range. I was searching for the lonesome voice of even one wolf, but what I found was a fist size track, and the words of a very old man, which were almost as good as finding the wolf itself! He turned out to be one of the nicest guys I have ever known. Some future day I will surely see him again.

His words as recorded:

"So you are here looking for a wolf? No, you will not find a white wolf here, there are a few greys. Not many. So that is what brings you so far into these mountains, you are looking for this wolf?"

I then pulled the flute from it's case, his mouth slowly opening, eyes looking as if he had seen a ghost! I could tell the flute must have a deeper meaning to him somehow.

"Come inside."

Turning to get me a drink, he said, "You are about 60 years late. I was a child when my mother showed them to me. In that basin there, (pointing out the window), six wolves were eating an elk. My mother let me see them through the glasses. Four were greys, one black, and the white one like you have there on the flute. Everyone in these mountains knew she was favored by the others.

I have three brothers and one sister. Who do you think gets the attention? When my sister needs something, a plumbing problem or such, one of us brothers run over to do whatever needs doing. She doesn't ask us to help, but tells us what to do. We let her think she is the boss..... I mention to her when I have a taste for chocolate cake.... It was late in life when we found out she actually was the boss! (Laughing)...

This is the same with the wolves. The white one was favored. She left the elk that morning and knowing what would happen, my mother took me over there to the pass where we sat down.... Much later, the white wolf walked right in front of us, stopped, looked us in the eyes. She was fat from the elk, so didn't think of us as food. The stare was only for a moment & she was on her way. It is something you never forget. I guess that was the closest I have ever come to a wild one, there that day with my mother. Until she passed away, she never forgot it. (Holding the flute in his hands and looking down)... This flute brings back some good memories for me. I am so glad you have come. It was meant to happen."

The old man said he had listened to the wolves many nights in those mountains, a sound as wild and indigenous to the north as the muskegs or the northern lights. It is good to know these free and untamed creatures again sing in those mountains today. To the few people living there, it is a symbol and the music of the wilderness itself.

Remember my Friends, Love the Lord with all your heart. It is He who has given each of us special abilities - whatever He wants us to have out of His rich storehouse of gifts.

Love & Blessings, Brother Fox & Family


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