Brothers, Sisters... I have had a hard time finding a computer up here in the Pacific Northwest, and even now I only have a moment to write, but I want you to know that I have been thinking of you all!!! This flute is in memory and honor of the famous Ghost Wolf from the 1920's. To see the cloud formations which has led me to research her, please see my feedback section, & view the photos there. I should be at a computer again within 3 days to answer any questions. This flute comes with the rustic flute stand shown in the photos which is possibly over 100 years old and taken from the Cascade Mtn. Range.

Exotic Goncola Alves Flute is keyed to Bm... Features the new mark of the Creator in a fox track feather, approx 21" in length, my dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! Wet out proof!!!!! Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Hear this Powerhouse flute for yourself @ Swampfoxflutes.com or send me an email, even if you only want to listen........ :))

Titled, signed numbered & Dated. Titled "The Ghost Wolf" from the 1920's!!!

Awesome Loud Crystal Clear Voice 100%!!!!!!


Wolves once roamed North America in Great numbers! Like Native Americans, they lived in the old ways, living off the land - in harmony with Mother Earth. But they can be compared to Native Americans in another way as well... The early Europeans have the distinct honor of waging one of the most successful extermination campaigns in history, which all but completely wiped the wolf off the face of the continent!

When these people had taken all of the natural food of the Wolves, and replaced them with sheep and cattle, it is no wonder that the wolf attacked their domesticated animals, for they were all that was left to eat! Yet the people were very angry and great bounties were placed on the wolves which lead to many men chasing after them and trying to kill them! They could make a years salary in no time by becoming what was called a "wolfer."

This flute will have traveled well over 6,000 miles by the time it rests in your hands!!! It has covered the track of the living wolf itself, traveling at 36,000 ft over the clouds and close to the Mighty Creator of all that is! Over clouds, mountains, lakes, rivers & streams, it has connected by air, land, and water with the most famous wolves of all times!

I am Swampfox, and today from the Pacific NW I bring to you "The Ghost Wolf" of the 1920's! Sit back as I tell you the true tale of a famous wolf from another time.

It was in the 1920's when a creamy white wolf appeared in the Judith Basin. Most likely born in 1918, the wolf's spirit was like no other, and soon the people would find out the Great Power she possessed.

Some say she was not only white, but moved like a ghost thru the land, taking $35,000 worth out of domestic herds. Hundreds of men would try to trap, poison, run down, and kill The Ghost Wolf, yet their attempts were all in vain! Many lost their lives along the way.

She was shot in the hind leg in the mid 20's, chased by many men, & traps were set in a 100 mile radius, but still she somehow managed to elude them! At one point The Ghost Wolf even outfought five Russian Wolfhounds, some of the most fierce dogs known at the time!

After two days in the Cascade Mountain Range where this wolf was thought to originate, my smoke no longer rose to the sky, yet traveled along the ground to the south - the sign of bad weather to come, and time to move on.

It was in the land of the living skies that I witnessed a track, so large, I couldn't imagine it being anything but the track of a wolf! There, I also witnessed the largest Bald Eagle I have ever seen, & a large woodpecker followed me for miles thru the forest, for no other reason I can imagine, but to continue to hear the voice of this flute!

The area of the NW is truly awesome - waking each day, I took in the moist fresh breaths of the Creator's backyard, where life is still simple, beautiful and pure!!

As I played this flute throughout the journey of the Wolf, "The Ghost Wolf" became a part of me, and I also connected to her spirit. We became one.

She was said to have lived longer than any other, 18 years, and possessed a near human intelligence. This intelligence plus endurance, rendered her seemingly indestructable. She had the knowledge of traps and poison which clearly was communicated from those who went before her.

Today this wolf lies buried in a grave somewhere in the Judith Basin, but you can know that she is remembered not as the "outlaw" portrayed by cattle ranchers & federal government officials of the 20th century, yet as a Legend celebrated for her Strength and Bold Exploits in a time when men sealed the fate of the last wolves.

Though most of us have only met in spirit, I love each of you as much as a man can love another, and it is my prayer that this sacred ghost flute carry your dreams to our Holy Creator, and may you be blessed in abundance!

I am Swampfox, I am your Brother.

Please let me know if you have any trouble at all hearing this flute at Swampfoxflutes.com



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