My Brothers and Sisters,

See the revision below and when you have time, check out my Exotic Bear Cub flute! :))

Let me ask you this,,,,,,,, Do you know our Dearest Friend, who is holding this Swampfox Cherry Flute?

Let me give you a hint: She is THE MOST Famous Native American Actress in the world. Karen and I have visited with her twice in the last month and she has a heart as pure as the voice of this flute!!! he hee!!

The song she played from the Crow to me is still in my mind and in my heart to this day! Very Powerful Medicine from a Native American Angel!!


Hi Guys, Yes, you are correct, it is Irene Bedard!!! Her husband is musician Deni Wilson and they have a two year old son. In 2003 they released a music CD called "Warrior of Love." Irene is best known to audiences as the voice of the character in Disney's animated feature "Pocahontas" (1995, with Mel Gibson) ... I believe I am correct to say that she has worked in over 28 films. One of our favorites is "Smoke Signals." She is of Cree Indian and Inupiat Eskimo heritage and the sweetest Lady you will ever meet besides my wife Karen. hehehe..... Good one huu? :))

The photo of Irene with this flute pictured below will soon become a permanent part of the Swampfoxflutes website.

Many of you know that I like to do things a little different with these flutes, but one thing will always be the same, and that is striving for the purest sound quality known to man. If you are the person looking for this quality in a flute, then you have found it here my Friend, and the rest, well, it just makes the flute that much better.

Words just today from my Grandfather: "Just holding this flute in my hands is enough, but when I hear it's voice, I know it's spirit is ALIVE! It has awakened me. If not for experiencing these things of life, what good would it have been to have lived?"

Cherry Flute is keyed to Am... Features a beautiful finish you will truly Love!!!, approx 21" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! Wet out proof!!!!! Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Super CLEAN, CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!, I will pay the shipping back to me, and refund every cent, should this not be the VERY BEST flute you have ever heard or owned. Titled, signed, numbered and dated.... Titled, "Wolf Dog at Dawn."

Remember, Everything has something to say, but unless you take a moment to listen, you will never hear it.

Did you know the old timers used to call coyotes Brush Wolves, Wolf Dogs, or Desert Wolves? According to my Grandfather, there is a good reason......


No matter how many tales we hear, it is always the true stories that are remembered and mean the most. Sit back and let me tell you why this flute has become so special to me.

In the south there is a change in the air and on the wind. To the local people it is welcomed, for the hot humid days of summer are finally coming to an end.

The day had been spent working this very flute. Each step in it's creation to this point was showing such promise & success, that I was more excited than ever to find the given totem for this Pennsylvania Black Cherry flute!

At bedtime that night, I kissed the three Little Ones on their chubby little cheeks & tucked them into bed. With the windows raised, it was somewhat chilly in our bedroom and Karen was snuggled up to me like a bear in hibernation!!! It was no use trying to get away from her! She had the death grip on ol' Swampfox! Man will I be in trouble when she sees this!!! :)) Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!

OK, I'm alright now........

I thought about the flute again, the places I would search, swamps where I may find the answer.... what would the totem be???,,,,,then dozed off to sleep. But,,, There was something I had forgotten to do in my basement shop, something I wouldn't realize until just before dawn!

That night the moon was just a small slice in the sky. It was as dark as dark gets around here my friends!

Now I usually sleep thru just about anything, but just before dawn, I heard the loud sound of what I believed to have been an intruder!!!

What I heard was a loud crashing sound of a cylinder being knocked over in the basement just below our bedroom! I was the only one awakened by the noise, and so I quickly grabbed my streamlight and slipped down the dark stairs to the basement. When something like this is happening, a person does not know what to expect!

As I entered the basement my light caught the bright glowing eyes of a creature looking back while heading out into the darkness! I had forgotten to close the large roll up door to the shop! As I made my way closer to this door, he stood only 30 yards away. The goosebumps ran across the back of my neck and in the same way the coyote's hackles between his shoulders raised up about 5 inches!

I knew these were curious creatures, but it wasn't until I saw what was in the dog's mouth, that I realized what was going on. The large wolf like creature was holding my apple from the day before in his mouth! He had entered our basement and decided to take my apple - probably smelling it from a great distance! Pacing back and forth behind this coyote were two others which could have been pups. I turned away to flip the outside light on for a better view, then looking back they had vanished like ghosts in the night!

It took a while to sink in that a coyote had actually been inside our home! I didn't even think about it being the totem for the flute!!!

With all the excitement I did not go back to sleep, but decided to watch the day begin. Looking into the red morning sky I saw the silhouette of the wolf in the clouds. It was VERY CLEAR, yet changed slightly by the time I took the photo here. Then right before my eyes the most amazing thing happened! This wolf cloud tilted it's head back and appeared to howl towards the heavens! Just unbelievable!

I then remembered my Grandfather telling me why the coyotes in the eastern states are so much larger. He says they are actually a subspecies as a result of cross breeding between northern coyotes and eastern timberwolves many years ago.

This flute is the best I can do. It glistens like a new diamond in the sun. When it arrives at your door, you will have a spiritual understanding through the many songs that await you.

May your path of life be long and filled with Beauty, Peace, & Love from our Holy Creator Himself!

I am Swampfox, I am your Brother.

This just in from "Little Mountain Burning" regarding my son, Dancing Bear's first flute. What a Blessing from Brother Lowell!!!!!

Justin Danseng Bear and Swampfox family. WOW !!! WHAT A FLUTE THIS IS !!! I got up extra early Sat. morning and as the sun begin to rise and the animals begin to stir, I started playing. As soon as the first note sounded, I knew I had a winner. A special feeling of enjoyment came over me and surrounded me like a fog. I closed my eyes and left this world in one heart beat. I was flying with the Hawks and the flap of there wings was the beating of a drum. With there voice they called a welcome to me and the the gator begin to sing that same sweet song, as I played on, the song I hoped would never end. This is truly a flute that can't be put down for long. The song is now in the wind and one day it will find you, just as this flute will. When I saw the picture on your listing. The one with you holding it next to your face I studied it for a while. I saw the look of new found knowledge. A sweetness in your grin and confidence in your eyes. I knew you had done your best. All the good qualities I saw in your face you manage to put in this flute. It is perfection in every way. It is more than a flute. It has the spirit of a Dancing Bear. I have no doubt that you truly will be the greatest flute maker ever born. uncle Lowell

See my latest "River Cub" flute when you find time. It is as orange as a pumpkin!!!



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