This flute is #4 of 4 and will complete the series of Raven flutes at this time.

As I watched one of the Ravens perched at the edge of the swamp, looking away for only a split second, I turned back and the bird had vanished into thin air! Throughout this flute's creation, I have misplaced it several times, and even tonight as I searched for it to measure it's length, I could not find it for the longest time, and then there it was sitting right before me!! This is the absolute truth! Maybe it's me??? Well, that's what Karen says anyway!!! :)) Sooooo, it was not hard to figure out the title for this Awesome, AWESOME Purple Heart flute called Ghost Raven!!!

Ravens are one of the most widespread birds of North America! I have encountered them in the Northwest many times and around five years ago they started nesting here in Ga in a nearby swamp.

They have a very deep voice and a large vocabulary of sounds. Ravens even make musical calls and have been taught to speak in captivity. Wild birds can live more than 30 years!

One thing that fascinates me about these birds is that they will hunt cooperatively with wolves!!! Ravens will alert wolves to prey! After the kill, and the wolves are full, the Raven will then feed on the prey. It is a known fact that wolves and Ravens engage in playful behavior with each other. The Ravens swoop down at the wolves, who will give chase playfully!

To the Native Americans the Raven's medicine is magic - The Great Mystery! Raven is the guardian of both ceremonial magic and healing circles, a messenger spirit which can project their power over great distances. Black is the color of magical power, and is to be feared if misused. I once read that a Raven making a crying sound while perching on a teepee will overlook the next place where death will occur. It is said that a Raven can smell death and will hover over the area where the next victim dwells, including animals. Yet it was a Raven's feather that was used by old time Medicine Men to work with someone who is ill! The healer stroked their body, collecting and drawing out the negative energy, to be shaken out and cleansed later. Very powerful medicine in days of old.

Raven is considered one of the oldest and wisest of animals, having supernatural powers.

I have seen these birds work in pairs. One bird distracts the animal, as the other steals the food right out from under it's nose! So funny to watch, but not to the unfortunate beast! :))

Even in the Creator's Holy Word, it was the Raven who protected the prophets, feeding Elijah and Paul in the wilderness!!

This flute carries the heavy billed Raven totem and has received this right because of sightings in the area to the west in the swamp north of the Flint. This is #4 of the four flutes which honor these powerful medicine birds!




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