Even as a child I always hoped that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker was not extinct. But it has been said that after 60 years there was fading hope we would ever see this spectacular bird again.

This bird is the largest and rarest woodpecker in the Nation with a 3-foot wingspan and 20 inches long!

I give you my word as a man and with the Great Creator standing by my side that what I am about to tell you is the truth!

During this flute's entire creation, each day and even as the flute was photographed in the bottom land swamps, woodpeckers of every sort have made their calls and showed their presence, more than ever before!!! One Pileated Woodpecker flew in landing on the side of a tree just feet in front of me as I stood there in awe! It was after the bird flew from the tree that I realized I had the camera in my hand!!!

Two other pileated wood peckers were spotted there and many others were heard either by voice or their super loud pecking in the dense jungle like forest.

To Native Americans the bird was majestic, yet mysterious, and thought by many to have gone extinct some 60 years ago. I have read that the last photograph of the bird was taken in 1944, that is, until now!

In the Cache River refuge, in a swath known as the Big Woods, a team has found that the Great Woodpecker still lives!!!

The video footage taken by David Lunea confirms a 20 inch bird with a three foot wingspan and distinctive markings of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. As many as two dozen birds could be living in the area.

Quoting the director of the Cornell lab, John Fitzpatrick, "The bird captured on the video is clearly an Ivory-billed Woodpecker."

Some are comparing this to finding the Holy Grail! There have been men who were chocked with emotion and others who actually sobbed after seeing this woodpecker for the first time. Tim Gallagher said, "Just to think this bird made it to the 21st century gives me chills. It's like a funeral shroud has been pulled back, giving us a glimpse of a living bird, rising Lazarus-like from the grave."

This is the flute of my lifetime and if you choose to make it yours, you will never be disappointed my Friends.

Take care and may the Great Creator Bless each & every one of you!




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