A Gifted Raven Feather from the Western Direction

The Great Mystery of the Void

Raven's Medicine is said to be Magic & Known to have Healing Powers

Natives often refer to Creator as Raven

Pennsylvania Black Cherry

A Swampfox Production

The Little Ones are out of school so I will make this short my Friends.

I realize that flutes are most often a personal item and not gifts, but should you need this one before Christmas, {just as last year}, I will ship free next day air.

If you are the Keeper of this Sacred Raven flute and Raven Feather, Creator will place this in your heart and you will know it is meant to be.

Pennsylvania Black Cherry Flute is keyed to Low Em with a 1" bore dia., my dished finger holes, a mouthpiece of your dreams - so comfortable the flute becomes an extension of yourself. Actual Raven flight feather. Tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up! This flute has a Deep Concert Quality Voice and is Crystal Clear 100%!

Painted with the finest pigments in the world and will Never fade - an heirloom to be passed down for generations to come! Only the best for you my friends!


I have always been thankful for everyone who wants to be a part of Swampfoxflutes! You guys are the Best!!!

Sometimes even the Creatures become involved. More and more, our dog Snowfox is playing a role - helping to bring totems to life. He even once brought me a deer bone while fishing which I carved into a fishing hook totem!!!

During this flutes time a Raven Feather was left for me just outside where I turn these flutes in the wind!!! As I was looking this feather over, Snowfox was laying beside me with his front paws stretched out before him. He had a comfortable look about him.

This is going to be very hard to believe, but I swear it is the absolute truth.

When I looked at the dog, he gazed into the sky right over my head!!! I quickly looked up and the large bird glided straight into the Western direction, the wind taking him quickly - never moving it's wings. To me, it was a messenger spirit.

Because the Raven's element is air, Native American Shanmans used these feathers to project healing prayers to Creator over great distances. They also claimed them to be the mystery of the unknown, creation, healing, wisdom, protection and prophecy. Such feathers were said to be used with someone who was ill, stroking their body, collecting and drawing out the negative energy, to be shaken out and cleansed later. For sure these feathers were powerful medicine to the ancestors of ancient past.

Friends, it is said that a Raven Feather is not an easy thing to find, yet this one was delivered by the bird itself and found in the exact location where this flute was created. This was meant to be.

I believe there is wisdom in this flutes voice. I believe Creator wants to speak to someone thru this flute.

All animals have a sense of intelligence about them, but Ravens seem to solve problems other creatures cannot. Once while in Seattle we were eating near the waterfront and I did not eat all of the crackers which came with the chowder. A Raven was standing on the table beside us croaking, (asking for something to eat), so I threw the crackers on the ground for him. This bird didn't grab a single cracker and fly away! He decided to take each cracker and pile them, one on top of another, then taking the entire stack in his bill, he flew away to enjoy his meal elsewhere!!!

This flute is welcome to spend the Holidays with us here. I cannot walk past without picking it up to play!!! If the right person does not find it now, I will list again at a future date.

I guess this is the last Swampfox flute for this year. :))

We Love You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May each of you have the Best Holidays EVER!!!!!

Brother Fox and Family


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