Swampfox Crow Native American Flute Flutes

"Crow in the Wind"

Here's one for my Crow Brothers who are still living the old ways!

This Little Poplar flute is keyed to Am... Features a new super hard beautiful finish, a 7/8" bore @ approx. 21" in length, dished finger holes, the best mouthpiece money can buy, Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection, Xtremely LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarentee!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated.....I have titled this flute "Crow in the Wind" Please see below......


As you may know I have never once turned a flute inside a building. All are born under the open free sky!

As the woodchips sprayed over my shoulder and high into the morning wind, I noticed what seemed to be legends of crows overhead in search of their breakfast no doubt. This is a common sight, but was the first sign in recieving this flute's given name...

And now for the true story from a lady I have never laid eyes on, but has been a true friend for over two years. Just after this flute came to be, she wrote me asking when I would title a flute "Crow in the Wind." Without a doubt, this flute has received the name meant to be! And without further delay, here is her true tale.......Swampfox

One gray windy day, I was going about my business when came a knock at my aluminum screen door. I opened the wooden door and looked through the screen of the closed aluminum door and no one was there. I assumed it was the kids next door playing with me so I just shrugged it off. No sooner than I shut the door, there was another knock. "Ok, those little stinkers are not going to get the best of me this time!" I said to myself and opened the door faster than any human could have possible ran down our deck stairs sight unseen. I looked through the screen again and no one was there. Before I could close the door again there was a knock at the bottom of the door, which caused me to look down.

Lo and behold there stood a crow! I can't remember my exact words, but I said something like "Hey whats up crow? The crow started cawing/talking to me a mile a minute, either scolding me for taking so long to open the door, or he was trying to tell me something. This may sound crazy, but I told it to wait right there and I ran and got it some crackers. I then went outside and sat down on my steps and hand fed and talked to it. It was hungry and had a lot to
get of it's shoulders verbally. I must have sat out there with that crow for an hour or so talking to it. Then I started realizing that this of course, was no ordinary crow. At this point This one had been a captive and relied on humans to feed it.

After the crow had eaten its fill of crackers I noticed a car driving by slowly. The crow saw the car and took flight and circled in the air. The car stopped and a lady and a couple of boys jumped out and yelled "There he is!!!" With The crow still circling in the air, I asked if they knew the crow. They told me that he was their pet crow. They lived three miles away and had been looking for him for hours. I could sense why the crow was hesitant to come down as the boisterous boys yelled at it. I told the mother of the boys that the crow was an adult and is a wild animal and it will try to leave again. I also told her that the behavior it was showing by circling around and not coming down with the boys yelling, were defensive. It sensed that it might be in danger. The lady said that it loved the kids and got away because someone left his cage open. The crow finally came down afer the boys settled down and landed on the railing right next to me. One of the boys grabbed him and took him in the car. I told the lady that the best thing for the bird would be to take him to a refuge for wild animals a few miles away, because if he was happy with living in a the cage he would have not gone far. The call of the wild was too much for him and he chose that over captivity. She promised to think about it and drove away. That was 18 years ago. I think about him often and always thought it was meant to be that he chose my house out of all of the others to land. I have told this story to many and the story has been commemorated in many ways, however, hopefully my memory will always allow me to recall my visit from the "Crow In The Wind".



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