Tree Frog Native American Flute Am

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Lately I have had many irons in the fire, but will still try to keep a flute on ebay now and then for those interested.... :))

I completed this flute a couple of weeks ago. When you receive it, you will then know why it is called "Creator's Gift." It is a common thing to hear a little wind noise in most Native American flutes, but these flutes are 100% pure in sound quality with the slightest breath my Friends!!!! You will see that this is the absolute truth when it arrives at your door. :)) And the mouthpiece of this one in particular feels smoother than silk to the lips!

To the Native Americans the frog is a sign of Spring, renewal, and fertility - water animal.

Wild Cherry flute is keyed to Am... Features a super hard beautiful finish, a 7/8" bore @ approx. 20" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! Long first stage chamber virtually eliminates wet out. Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! VERY LOUD AND CLEAR!!!! Titled, signed, numbered and dated.....I have titled this flute "Creator's Gift."

During the Sacred fire ceremony, I had never seen the fire leap out into the air, as it did that evening for this flute.

Sit back and let me tell you a true tale of a flute blessed from start to finish by the Great Spirit Father Himself! The flute and it's journey has already started and is one none of us here will soon forget!!!


I am Swampfox. It will be hard to see this flute leave, but I pray it will find it's place among the people. The day this Cherry flute was finished I kept my eyes open to see what totem would be given. And to be honest, that was my problem. You see, I was looking, but was not listening!

There was no Bones about it, the flute was ready to sing, yet still needed a Toad 'em, I mean totem....... :))

All evening hundreds of frogs were singing together in perfect pitch, yet I did not even think of using them for this flute.

That night as I read a story to the little ones at bedtime, it was my oldest son who said to me, "Dad, Look behind you on the window screen!" When I turned to see, there it was, the cutest little tree frog I've ever seen! My son was so glad to have found a totem for Dad. He even held the flute for you in the photos below.

I wanted to do something special for this flute, and since the children were out of school, we decided to take a trip in our 24 ft. vessel on the river. Karen invited my Mother and Father and in seconds they were ready to go!!! You see, my Father just loves being out camping and fishing!

The long drive did not seem as long while joking and laughing with my Mom & Dad. In no time we were drifting down the mighty Chattahoochee!

Now on the forward deck of this boat there is a large grill and I started cooking burgers for everyone. The boys were trolling for fish off the back, while my Mom, Karen, and baby Creesong prepared other things for dinner. My Father stood beside me fishing off the starboard side as I cooked.

I had some time on my hands so I decided to play this Tree Frog flute for good luck. :)) When the song started, I noticed my Father's foot began tapping along to the flute's cheerful melody, but still he concentrated on fishing. When the song ended, I jokingly said to my Dad, "If you will catch us a nice fish, I could cook it on this grill for us right now!" He smiled, and immediately the depth recorder sounded!! I ran to the helm to view what was in the water below on the screen! Doing a double take, I could hardly believe what I was seeing!!! They were down at 21 ft., a school of Hybrids larger than any I had ever seen! I immediately called to my Father to drop his lure to 21 ft. and within seconds he was hooked up & fighting a fish of a lifetime!

As I moved forward to assist, I grabbed a gaff and watched as the huge fish spooled off line, my Father having the time of his life! And then he did something I would have never thought to do. He called to my oldest Son, and handed the rod to him. It was all my Son could do to hold on to the rod! I even had to hold on to him!! And after several minutes the large fish passed close and I was able to take it aboard our craft. We celebrated a while, and I quickly filleted, seasoned, and added a touch of lemon juice, then onto the grill it went!

We gave thanks to the Great Creator. I thank him for that evening with my family, & for the flute called "Creator's Gift." For this was one of the best times we've ever had, and this flute was a part of it!

My Father said it was the freshest fish ever, and that we wouldn't find any better at the finest restaurants in the world. :))

Remember my Brothers and Sisters, by faith we can see a place that is far away, a paradise of which the Creator has prepared for you and I. And on that beautiful shore we shall someday sing and our spirits shall soar forever. It is the land of the Grandfathers, and is available to all who only ask to receive it.




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