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Exotic Fire Padauk

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Here's a Crystal Clear flute that is sure to make your holidays the best they can be this year my Friends!

And the fun will begin the very moment it arrives at your door! :))

The wonderful thing about Native American Flutes is that anyone can play!!! In five minutes I once taught a guy, who by the way, had never played an instrument in his life, to play a short song - and boy was he thrilled with himself! In a month's time, he was recording his songs!! It is not hard at all, and if you are a beginner, I will tell you some secrets which will put you way ahead my Friend.

Retail $1,200

Exotic Padauk flute is keyed to Gm @ approx 22" in length. Features my dished finger holes, perfectly comfortable mouthpiece, a shapely design unlike most Swampfox flutes, feathers w/ beads of the Crow, tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up! Titled, signed, numbered and dated. This flute has a unique voice - a flute among flutes! Can be played softly, but like a fine sports-car, it has a powerhouse locked inside when called upon. More sound files available, just ask. :))

Yes, we smile a lot around here for sure!


If you live in the Southeast, you will know that some hummingbirds continue to stay here until almost Thanksgiving! However, with the weather now taking a turn for the worst, I feel I have seen my last hummer for year 2006. Our Creator could not have given me a more perfect totem for this flute at this special time! The bird buzzed in, looked me in the eyes for a brief second, and was gone like a ghost! I think he just wanted to say thanks for feeding him all summer.

The migration of the hummingbird is still to this day an amazing wonder of Mother Nature! The whole idea that something which weighs the same as a penny, could travel many thousands of miles each year is a miracle in itself! And even more astounding is the fact that tagged birds return to the exact same place to mate once more the next year!!!

As a child I do not remember ever seeing commercial hummingbird feeders like the ones today. My younger Brother & I placed test tubes out filled with maple syrup and water. Just as today, these little birds zoomed in and out, eating, then racing on the wind at what seemed to be 1,000 mph - it was better than watching cartoons! :))

I once read that the known record for a hummingbird's lifespan was 12 years, but most only live 3 or 4 years.

Their wingbeat rate can be 80 times per second!!!

Math problem: If the hummer which lived 12 years had a heartbeat of 1,260 beats per minute, how many times did it's heart beat during it's entire life span? hehehee...... Now make sure you send me the answer thru ebay so I can post it.... :)))

If you want to see more hummingbirds next year, simply place as many feeders out as you can. And when Fall comes, do not believe the myth that you must stop feeding them to force the little birds to fly south. Nothing you can do will make them stay too long. The bird attains something special from Creator which will tell it the exact moment to fly to it's wintering grounds.

I mentioned how this totem was sent special from Creator for this Holiday Season....Check this out: Guanikeyu Torres, President and Council Chief of the Taino Indigenous Nation of the Caribbean and Florida once said, "The Taino Native American people were the first people to meet Columbus in 1492. The Hummingbird is the symbol of the spreader of life on the earth. It symbolizes the rebirth of the Taino Indian Nation of the Caribbean and Florida. We also call our warriors, Colibri Warriors (Hummingbird Warriors), as the Hummingbird is very peaceful, but, it protects it's own homeland with the heart of an Eagle."

We Love You Guys,

Brother Fox & Family



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