My Good Brothers & Sisters,

May the One God Bless each of you in everything you set out to do!

F Minor Father Bluebird flute is as pure as they come!!!! Tough Mirror Liquid Crystal Clear finish, & Clean, Crystal Clear Voice - 100% Concert Quality beyond your wildest dreams!!! This is the most fun you'll ever have and still be legal!!! :))

When you take this one out of the box, you can walk straight into the studio and record tracks with any other instrument that is perfectly tuned.

Anyone can play!!! Very few Swampfox flutes are in this haunting key of Fm.

Retail 1,275.00

Orange Fire Padauk flute glows like the Sun!!! Keyed to rare Fm w/ 7/8" bore dia., my dished finger holes, Pow Wow mouthpiece from the past!

Tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up! This flute is Concert Quality and is Crystal Clear 100%! Signed, titled, numbered and dated.

Friends, you are viewing an Authentic Swampfox creation carrying the Swampfox trademark & I am the sole maker of this flute and totem. These flutes are native inspired thru my Grandmother's people. From the time I was 7 years old I new I would build the flutes. If it is important for you to purchase a flute from an enrolled tribal member living on reseration, it is my prayer that you find this flute you are seeking. Remember, according to the Indian arts and crafts act, should even the slightest part of an instrument be created by a Non-Indian person, the instrument cannot Legally be sold as "Native American made", including any art work in any shape, form, or fashion. For a first criminal offense, an individual is fined not more than $250,000 and/or jailed not more than 5 years; subsequent violations are not more than $1,000,000 and/or 15 years. Good night!!!!!! A person could make a lot of flutes in 5 years!!! :))

Totem painted with the finest pigments in the world and will Never fade - an heirloom to be passed down for generations to come! Only the best from Swampfox for you my friends!


My Dearest Friends,

Swampfox flutes is about having the most fun we can have - yet bringing you flutes which are among the Best in Existence. Each flute comes to pass thru prayer, straight from my heart, and whatever Creator inspires me to create thru our travels, becomes a part of the flute itself. Totems are found in swamps, lakes, rivers, streams & throughout the wilderness. And when the right person sees these flutes, they know in their heart at that very moment if they are to become the Keeper.

I try to live a life as close to the old ways as possible in a time when things are heading just the opposite.

None of us are perfect, but there is the unseen One who never dies - He alone is Creator of all that is, and full of wisdom. It is when we have Him in our hearts, staying on the right path, our lives will be filled with joy, happiness, and abundance! I am thankful to this Lord for choosing me as one of His messengers thru these flutes.

My Family has had so much fun watching the birds caring for their young! During my lifetime, I have built many houses for these small feathered creatures.

Now when I build a house, I not only want to be able to clean it out, but also for the children to see inside. Many days excited little Creesong has asked to view the baby bluebirds, and as you can see on this particular house the top can be removed. We were surprised to see a tiny green lizard had been captured and delivered as food for the young! I thought they only ate spiders, insects, and berries! :))

The bluebirds flew away today. It was a happy day for them, yet somewhat sad for the children.

The five sets of rings represent these baby birds and the circle of life.

This flute was in the beginning stages when the female bird was incubating the eggs. One morning I looked out, as we often do, just to see what I could see. The male bird flew into the box with breakfast for his mate. He then did something I had never seen one do! He hopped out of the hole and onto the top of the house and sat in an upright position as this flute's totem represents.

To me he seemed proud to be able to take care of his wife - proud to be alive.

I am glad I could honor him in this flute.

No matter who you are in this world, you have a Brother in Swampfox.


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