Sixty Inch Wingspan

25 Years of High Performance Flutes

The Largest Swampfox Production in the World

 Absolute Cutting Edge Technology

Xtreme Flutes for the People Who Demand the Very Best!

Mega-Mega Bore Pennsylvania Black Cherry Flute is keyed to Max Low G# with a bore dia just under two inches and a length of approx. three feet!!!! Features: Mark of Creator in a Fox track feather, flight feather, my dished finger holes, a mouthpiece of your dreams - so comfortable the flute becomes an extension of yourself - and this mouthpc is dished to rest on your chin if you like!!!

A COMPLETE JOY TO PLAY!! Tuned using Virtual Strobe dead on the money all the way up! This flute has an Xtremely Deep Concert Quality Voice and is Crystal Clear beyond belief!!!!! You will not run out of breath playing!!! You have my word - it is built for performance with the slightest breath! The fun begins as soon as it hits the mailbox!!!   :)) 

Painted with the finest antique pigments in the world and will Never fade - an heirloom to be passed down for generations to come! Only the best for you my friends!

Hidden somewhere in the psyche of True Native American Flute Keepers, there dwells something that never seems to go away. It is the longing desire for the DEEPLY PITCHED rumbling sound of the BIG BORES!!! This one is almost unbelievable in Crystal Clear Clarity!!! 

Many thanks to Baby Creesong for taking time to hold the flute for you guys just before bedtime tonight!!!    :))) 


Five times a year we fish the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. It is the best fishing in the world, well, maybe except for Alaska. Sometimes you can walk across the fish in Alaska rivers - really thick! :))

I was to meet a native friend at the fish camp at dawn & the excitement of fishing the sea was playing on my mind. The old man has been fishing the salt flats since 1963. He claims that everything in the ocean swims the waters of the Gulf.

I believe this to be the truth. Twice I had something pull most of the line from my reels before breaking off, and three times we had sharks to eat half of the sea trout as we were reeling them in,,, line goes slack - nothing but the head of our hooked fish would come to the boat!!!

When a man sets out of port there, a mile long canal leads to the open sea. Massive Pelicans sit on pylons of timber in the morning sun with their heads nodding as boats pass.

Other sea birds swarm overhead looking for a handout - To me this is paradise.

One thing that makes it exciting I guess is the thrill of going miles into the ocean and trying to make it back without becoming part of the food chain! I once saw a shark which was almost as long as the 20' boat we were fishing from. Sometimes it feels as if we are on the edge of the world.

One evening during this adventure, a very low white cloud formation approached out of the western direction. I remember thinking maybe we should run in at least a mile from our position on the sea. Relating this to the old man, he did not want to move off the drift, as we were into a vast school of large six pound trout, catching them literally as fast as we could cast. These were fish of fishermen's dreams!!!

At approx 3 miles at sea we drifted past a bird rack some 200 yards due east, I notice the large dark silhouette of an eagle. As the clouds grew closer, even the eagle knew to leave the area! When he took to flight, it was the Caracara, a somewhat eerie sight because the bird held it's huge wings out flat like a vulture before the storm.

Again, I asked Perry if he thought we should run in and at least try to make it inshore, but it was no use.

Soon we found ourselves in a fog so thick I could hardly see Perry in the front of the boat.

An hour past and nothing had changed.

As time went on, reality had set in for him. The old man began talking of his grandchildren. For the first time in my life I heard the twinge of desperation in my good friend's voice. His head bowed low, in his mind we were lost at sea.

I just watched him. There was nothing else to do because even the fish had left us at this point.

"Listen to me", he finally apologized. "Guys are dying in war, the news is riddled with hatred and depression, and here I am worried that we are not going to make it back."

"I think the news media should give equal time to happy news." I mused.

Perry agreed.

"You ever listen to flute music?" Perry asked.

"I try not to," I blurted back, trying to make him laugh... He knew my passage.

Then he began telling me about a story of country singer, Alan Jackson. How Alan ran out of gas one day out fishing. A very old man came up and gave him gas to get back to the dock. Apparently Alan tried to pay him, the man just shook him off, "Nope, the old man said, "It's what being human is all about." The next morning the old gentleman woke up to find a brand new boat and trailer in his driveway!

On the steering wheel was a simple note that said,"Thanks Man." Signed Alan Jackson.

I thanked Perry for the fine story. Somehow it made me feel we would make it back alive. Three years ago two firemen out of Georgia were in this same area fishing. Something happened - All they ever found was their boat!

As the fog finally lifted, I found myself smiling. We started the engine, and headed back to Keaton on the coast.

Sometimes it's not about the fishing my Friends.

Although we saw many, many species of birds, I could not forget the Mexican Eagle, the Eagle of the Aztec. He had enough sense to leap into the wind and go to safety - A bird called "Caracara" which resides on the state flag of Mexico and on the largest Swampfox flute in Creation.

Best of fishing to you!

Blessings to all!!!



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