Swampfox Ghost Black Foot Native American Flute LOW Cm MEGA BORE MUSEUM CONCERT QUALITY ART - VERY DEEP VOICE!

The Crow Nation's Chief of all Chiefs

Sits In the Middle of the Land

A Legendary Ghost Story If There Ever Was One!!!

A Swampfox Production

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Gigantic Black Walnut flute is keyed to LOW Cm. Features my dished finger holes, perfectly comfortable mouthpiece, barred feather, one piece tomahawk totem, the Ghost of Black Foot which is hand painted - not airbrushed as I normally do. Distance of spread between top three holes is center to center is 2.5" (two and a half inches) - lower holes are 2.75" ( two and three quarter inches)....... From mouth to center of top hole is 14" and the flute is approx 29" in length with a 1.25" bore dia.. Retail $1,200.00

Now this is the wonderful thing about this Large flute: Normally in a flute of this size bore, it takes a great amount of air flow to keep the flute in song...More than most people can sustain...I have remedied this problem, and this flute will play with the SLIGHTEST breath, much similar to a Swampfox G#, ( a medium sized flute)... You will not even know you are breathing to achieve top volume!!!

100% Perfect for the recording artist!!!!

Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee from Swampfox!!! Hear this AWESOME flute for yourself @ Swampfoxflutes soon to come, or send me an email, even if you only want to listen........


This flute is for sure something special my Friends & working it has been a wonderful blessing! It is a flute you will surely LOVE all of your life!

Several days during this flute's time, I have felt the presence of someone, and many times I have seen movement from the corner of my eye - only to look and find nothing. For sure someone from the past seemed to want to be a part of this flute. At first it was an erie feeling, but soon I realized this presence was a Very positive energy of the past.

As I asked for the answer, I did not have to look far to find what was meant for this flute. Describing this to my Grandfather, he told me of a Crow Chief called "Black Foot" who years ago gained many advantages for his people and that he was known to have appeared to someone once before. After researching - digging deep into the past - I found some history of this Great Chief. Some of this history came from my friend Sandra Lee...

Even from his grave, his hand reached out to the people!

Black Foot decreed way ahead of his time, that all decisions should be made by the people and not just by the Chiefs. And it was he who signed a treaty which established a 38 million acre country for the Crow Indian Reservation. Returning to his people after signing the treaty, Black Foot said that as long as there is one Crow Indian alive he will have a place to come home to & that the earth of the reservation was their Mother and would shelter and protect them. He could not have known how prophetic his words were to be.

In autumn of 1877 the mighty Chief was 82 years. He and his Sioux wife had decided to move south of the Meeteetse river to a place where the buffalo still roamed. It would be the Great Chief's last hunt.

Though Black Foot was buried, his grave eventually became lost. No one knew where the great Chief's bones lay. The Crow Nation has searched for them for decades and this caused great sadness that their Chief of all Chiefs could not be found and brought home.

It was the year 1978 when the strangest thing happened! A psychic healer named Victoria Mauricio informed Crow leaders that the spirit of a Chief had been coming to her.

She said Black Foot had first appeared to her in 1975, arousing her from deep sleep with the loud beating of drums. The six foot five Indian approached brandishing a large tomahawk. His coal black hair was hanging to his waist & he was decorated with eagle feathers in the style of a mighty warrior.

Victoria said he told her not to be afraid, that he was "Black Foot of the Crow" and then pointed to his tomahawk saying it would be a sign between the two of them.

A year went by before she would see this ghost again. He came to her and asked that she go to the room of many books. There he said to her, "Look in the book of the plains Indians. There you will find a picture of me. I shall be holding a tomahawk."

Mauricio pored over the book finally coming to a picture of five Crow Indians. And it was there that she saw Black Foot holding the same tomahawk she had seen in their first meeting.

She claimed that Black Foot came to her often asking her to contact his people and so she decided to tell her amazing story to Clara Whitehip of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Crow said they had been searching for the Great Chief's remains for more than a century!

During the Sun Dance of 1978 Black Foot appeared to Mauricio and told her, "I want to be brought back to the reservation. I am in white man's land, and I want to come home." He asked to speak to his people thru her.

Since it would be easy to hoax such an event, it was secretly agreed by the Crow that Black Foot's presence would be determined by the swaying and flaring up of a candle, a candle no one could touch. As Mauricio went into her trance, the Great Chief appeared, the candle swung violently from side to side, and then the flame shot high into the air!

Using the Crow language which Mauricio did not know, speak or understand, Black Foot told his people that he wanted to come home. It sent chills thru the Crow Nation. There was a prophecy in Crow history more than a century old that promised a great Chief would return coming from an outsider!

Thru Mauricio, Black Foot told of the area where he could be found. The searchers were to look for a pitchfork - Seven white women would somehow enter the picture - The hooting of an owl would be heard during the day - Three odd shaped rocks would be seen - There would be a tree shaped like a pointing finger - The ground would glisten - The scratchings of an animal would be heard.

Several of the Crow accompanied by archaeologist Bob Edgar started the search and the clues fell into place!

At the Pitchfork Ranch, owned by a women with seven female heirs, the searchers heard an owl hooting during the day. Knowing they were close, they called Mauricio, who told them to enter the gate and head toward the highest ridge in the area. She said they would find three rocks projecting upward and outward near a large pine tree that would be to the right of a cave entrance. She further said that as they got near where the chief was lying, they would hear scratching sounds, and there would be a glitter when the light hit the rock.

The searchers found everything just as Mauricio said they would, but darkness fell before they found the sacred site. Then something truly amazing happened. One of the Crow searchers saw "what looked like a person" disappear behind a pine tree, move toward a rock, and then vanish. Using a flashlight, the searchers investigated. The beam of the light hit the rock and the whole area glittered.

On the last weekend in August in 1978, high on the side of the ridge above the Greybull River, Willie Plainfeather, age 17, entered a sandstone cave. He said as he stepped into the cave he "had a funny feeling, as if someone was there with me." It scared him, and he turned to leave, but he was not able to escape. Something immediately grabbed his shoulder and threw him into the dark. "All of a sudden I saw this bone, like it came up through the floor of the cave. And then I saw the buffalo hide, and a lot of other things. So I went to get the others." The search was over. Near the east wall of the cave, a human arm bone protruded from the floor. The searchers found, half buried in the sand, the skeleton of a very large man. It was surrounded by black, white, and blue beads-all the trappings of a great chief laid to rest.

Archaeological experts said the skeleton had to belong to Chief Black Foot. The wear on the teeth indicated an old man, and the length of the bones showed he was very tall. Also, the beads found with the remains were made before 1850 and were of an extremely valuable crystal worn only by great chiefs.

The skeletal remains were carefully packed and brought back to the Crow Agency in Montana. Black Foot, at his own request (via Mauricio), was laid to rest on October 4, 1978, close to the Bureau of Indian Affairs office near the Crow Reservation. During the ceremony a large bald eagle flew overhead at treetop level, screamed, and flew off when the ceremony ended. To the Crow, it was a sign that Black Foot was present. The great chief had always worn the largest eagle feather in his hair.

Black Foot is once again with his people and, in his own words (according to Maurricio), "can do the work that was unfinished when I died." Today, a monument marks his grave bearing this inscription: "He that sits in the middle of the land. Chief of all Chiefs of the Crow Nation. Founder of the Constitution and the Crow Reservation..."