Soon you will hear this flute there my Friends.......

This flute honors an Eagle which came to us at daybreak on the Chattahoochee River, (story to come), but more than that, it is a tribute to a Fallen Eagle by the name of Nathan Jim Jr. who was a member of the Yakima tribe.

Sorry about the photos - (very cloudy the day they were taken) The flute is TRULY AWESOME in every way - precision to the cutting edge of Native American flute technology!!!

Creesong and I made another attempt to shoot the flute in a swamp 4 miles South of this one today. We loaded the Marsh Master, (an amphibious machine), onto a flatbed trailer, then climbed into the big Chevy 4x4 Turbo Diesel Dually. Now this truck sounds almost as good as "Eagle Heart" when it's running! hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

When we started out the weather was just gorgeous! Unloading the machine, Creesong asked if she could sit in my lap, and I am glad she did! After only 50 yards into the swamp she was already asleep!!!

I wanted more photos so we continued the journey anyway. We were 1/4 of a mile into the swamp when the weather took a turn for the worse!

A thunder storm, which is a common thing to see here, swept across the horizon, and I could see sheets of rain heading straight in our direction! I pushed the throttle forward then pulled the left control lever back, at the same time pushing the right lever fwd... This spun the machine about it's axis very quickly and at full throttle me and sleeping Creesong made a run for the truck!

We hadn't went far when the heavy rains came upon us and all of a sudden I could no longer tell which way to navigate the huge 12' x 7.5' swamp vehicle.

You see, when you are in a swamp of this size, everything starts to look the same - add heavy rains to that and it equals disaster!

This storm was not about to come to an end anytime soon, & we would have been in big trouble had we not had the GPS system onboard!

Not being able to see 5 ft. in front of us, & still almost a 1/4 of a mile away from the truck, I navigated by satellite only, barely missing stumps, trees, and floating logs all the way to where we had entered the swamp earlier.

What a day!!! But,,,,,,,,,,Don't think for a second it wasn't fun!!!!!! :))

The problem: Didn't get any good pics for you guys while the sun was out today.

Flute is keyed to Bm...Poplar is the wood long known for it's use in musical instruments,,, Features a top secret finish you will truly Love!!!, approx 20" in length, dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! LONG first stage chamber virtually eliminates wet out. Tuned using Virtual Strobe to perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!! Xtremely LOUD AND CLEAR - Super CLEAN, CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICE, Titled, signed, numbered and dated....


I cannot think of any other bird that more represents the Native American Love Flute than the Bald Eagle! These Giants mate for life and will stay together for each nesting season as long as both are alive!!!

Bald Eagles use the same nests year after year. I once heard of a nest that was 32 years old and weighed over two tons!

These birds can fly 45 mph and when diving reach speeds over 100 mph!!

They once numbered well over 500,000 - living throughout most of the United States, yet today they survive only 20,000 strong.

Most Eagles I have witnessed around here were in Florida. It is a rare occasion to see them in these parts of Georgia, although I have seen Bald Eagles right here on our own land.

Sit back and let me tell you of an over-night river trip on the Chatahoochee River where Karen, the Children, and I, all witnessed a Giant Beautiful Eagle in the early hours of dawn!

As we made our way down this magnificent river, the evening was coming to a close and the Little Ones were ready to eat. I found a cove which had the most gorgeous trees surrounding it! The depth finder showed 50ft of water below us and lots of fish, so we decided to spend the night there. I hit the switch and thought that anchor would never reach the bottom! This was deep water my friends! We were in the land of the Eagle!

Before putting the burgers on the grill, the boys wanted their fishing rigs in the water, and so I baited them up, opened the bails, and sent them straight for the bottom. They were hoping for some BIG Catfish to fight! :))

The rods sat in their holders while I started cooking, and before long Little Dancing Bear was hooked up to a huge Channel Cat!!! He fought the fish like the little man he is, and somehow managed to land that large catfish within 7 minutes! Throughout the evening they continued to catch fish for a total of 14!!!!

That night we heard some weird - wild sounds coming from shore, but none of us were concerned, since we were 100 yards out on the water....

Now if you have never slept on a river boat, you're truly missing out my friends! It is like being in perfect harmony with nature!

And,,,,,,,,,If it's cool out, as it was this particular night,,,,,,,,,,there is a lot of snuggling that can be done as well!
Woooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

OK, sorry 'bout that.................Now,,,,,,,, during the very early hours of dawn, while the fog was still on the water, I stepped out onto the front deck of the boat. Soon all was awake and joined me there. The boys were checking their lines when all of a sudden a Giant Bald Eagle soared right over us and landed in a tree which had no leaves at all. Most likely this tree was struck by lightening and was no longer alive.

The Eagle appeared to have a wingspan of over 8 feet! Soon it jumped into the air once again and soared out over the river! As we watched, the Eagle plunged into the water catching a nice fish for it's breakfast! What a sight to behold!!!

After seeing this, I jumped right into the water myself. When I came to the surface I heard Little Blue Sky asking if he too could come in for a morning swim. I told him to come ahead, and before I knew it, everyone was swimming around!!!

We had a fun trip and I was glad to see this bird here in GA living the old ways as it was meant to be - for us all!

Please let me know if you have questions about "Eagle Heart" my Brothers and Sisters.

We Love You Guys!!!

Brother Fox and Family

Thanks to Mr. Rainwater for sending this to me. He is listed on the Cherokee roles. This story has touched my heart and so I present it to you. Many Thanks to Brookie Craig. "Eagle Heart" is in honor & memory of Nathan Jim, Jr. and the Mighty Bird he Loved so Dearly.

Death of an Eagle
by Brookie Craig

Recently, I went to the Warm Springs reservation in Oregon and then to the Federal Eagle Repository in Ashland Oregon.
You probably never heard of Nathan Jim, Jr. He was a Yakima Indian who was arrested for illegal possession of Eagle Feathers and parts, by the Feds a couple years ago. He languished in fed jail for l4 months awaiting trial and was finally put on probation for this heinous crime. His lawyer appealed it under the new Religious Freedom act which guarantees Native Americans the right to eagle feathers to practice their religious ceremonies and again lost the appeal..He killed himself fearing that (in his mind) it would mean that the feds would rearrest him and sentence him to jail again.
This so moved his prosecuting US Attorney that he grabbed a bundle of eagle feathers at the Fed Eagle Repository (yes..our tax dollars at work) and drove to the reservation so they can use them for Nathan's spirit sending ceremony (burial) but arrived too late so Nathan didn't even get a feather in death.
I decided to continue the challenge to the Feds and drove to Ashland Oregon where they keep dead Eagles (yes..its true they have a Eagle repository there) and with much dread and fear (we NA do not TRUST the feds, having felt their wrath many times in the past) and trembled my way through the door fully expecting the worst. I was met at the counter by a little old lady who is a volunteer there. While holding my Bureau of Indian Affairs ID card in one hand and my Cherokee Tribal Registration card in the other, I tried to remember my Ancestors who would want my voice to be strong and proud. I stood a little taller and I said, "I want a Eagle Feather which is my right under the Religious Freedom Act." I expected a lightning bolt to come down but instead saw a gentle smile as she softly said, "Of course," walked over and handed me a a packet of federal forms to fill out with instructions to send in to the Portland office of the US department of Wildlife management.
I smiled as I read that I will have to have signed references from another Elder and Verification from the Bureau of Indian Affairs AND my Tribe to prove that I am, indeed a REAL Indian. References even for a Eagle Feather.
She asks..."Do you want a Bald or a Golden Eagle?" CHOICES!?!? I'm not prepared..."Do you want just a wing..or talons..or the head...or the whole eagle?" WHAT?!?!?! I come in expecting to be arrested for asking for ONE feather and they're offering me the WHOLE bird!?! I am confused by the offer and She sees that I'm unprepared for them offering me choices of parts of this sacred bird and smiles her suggestion that perhaps I might want to look at the drawings of the parts of the bird, circle what I want and include it with the forms...I am defeated instantly by her gentleness.
I ask her how they send an Eagle to me and she replies through the U.S. Mail..THE MAIL!?! I cannot envision receiving a dead Eagle through the mail and smile at the thought that I might owe postage due upon receipt.
Walking out the door I turn my head and see a stuffed Eagle, sitting silently perched proudly, in a glass cage, on display in the main lobby and overwhelming sadness fills my heart as I realize that another Eagle fell from the sky...a man, also fearful but who stood up for his beliefs, who will never be remembered by anyone for a cause that no one really cares about I guess...and the thought of his falling in vain fills me with a sense of profound grief, for our People believe that the Eagle is the sacred Messenger who brings the messages from our Creator...The thought hits me that no one will hear that message for the Eagle plunged to Mother Earth and perhaps mankind might have had a chance to have heard something sacred, but now...will never know.
There is something terribly tragic in that. I hope someone hears this message and cares about Nathan Jim, Jr. and the Eagle who fell from the sky.
There is something inherently evil in the system of a country, that was founded by people escaping religious persecution, that fills it's citizens with such fear that they kill themselves over what they consider to be a basic right of religious freedom.

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This just in from a Brother Flutemaker.....Thanks for the kind words Jerry!!! :))

You don't have to lower the price on that flute unless you want to. It's a beauty but that itsn't where it's value lies. You've put "Spirit" into it with your story and what all that means. Whoever is the next proud owner will have a flute to pass on for generations to come. I really hope it does well for you and finds a worthy home.

I can make a decent flute that plays beautifully; you make ART! And I'm honored to have at least seen it and read the story.

Thank you,

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Brother Bill Bernson sent this to me before even knowing of this flute's creation! VERY COOL thoughts, Brother of mine! The meaning is so clear!

The bear climbs the mountain and sees the eagle's vision. The eagle drinks from the stream and views the bear's kingdom. As they pass one another along the way, they share in a greater understanding of each other and so a more complete knowledge of their abiding purpose in Nature. The more our paths cross the closer our trails become to one.


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