Swampfox Ghost Wolf Totem Native American Flute Em
Recording Artist's Dream! DEEP VOICE! 100%

Brothers, Sisters... Here is the Big Brother to the Ghost Wolf flute. It is in the key of Em.....Photos were taken in the Pacific Northwest Cascade Mtn range. To see the cloud formations which has led me to research these famous wolves, please see my feedback section, & view the photos there.

Giant Sapele Flute is keyed to Em... Features the new mark of the Creator in a fox track feather, approx 26" in length, my dished finger holes, absolutely the best mouthpiece money can buy! This is a large flute that almost anyone can play due to perfect hole placement. Wet out proof!!!!! Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE DEEP LOUD & CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee!!!

Titled, signed numbered & Dated. Titled "Three Toes"

Awesome DEEP Crystal Clear Voice 100%!!!!!!

Note: I wanted to show the slight downward turn of the mouthpiece, yet in the only photo taken at this angle the flute seemed to have some trail dust in this area. This will not be on the flute when you receive it my Friends. :))


Wolves once roamed North America in Great numbers! Like Native Americans, they lived in the old ways, living off the land - in harmony with Mother Earth. But they can be compared to Native Americans in another way as well... The early Europeans have the distinct honor of waging one of the most successful extermination campaigns in history, which all but completely wiped the wolf off the face of the continent!

When these people had taken all of the natural food of the Wolves, and replaced them with sheep and cattle, it is no wonder that the wolves attacked their domesticated animals, for they were all that was left to eat! Yet the people were very angry and great bounties were placed on the wolves which lead to many men chasing after them and trying to kill them! They could make a years salary in no time by becoming what was called a "wolfer."

This flute will have traveled well over 6,000 miles by the time it rests in your hands!!! It has covered the track of the living wolf itself, traveling at 36,000 ft over the clouds and close to the Mighty Creator of all that is! Over clouds, mountains, lakes, rivers & streams, it has connected by air, land, and water with the most famous wolves of all times!

I am Swampfox, and today I bring to you "Three Toes", a wolf which the people referred to as a renegade in the1920's.

In my research of this wolf I have found many different stories, but one thing is for sure,,, he got his name by loosing a toe to a steel wolf trap! From then on he left a track which was different from all other wolves, and I have placed this track on the bottom of the flute itself.

Three Toes hunted in Harding County, South Dakota. This wolf was credited with $50,000 worth of livestock harvesting, and was a giant that was darker than most,,, some say he was almost black in color.

Sadly, in the end he was caught, but it took 150 hunters and trappers over thirteen years to bring him down. He had the spirit of the old ones and moved thru the night like a shadow - a black shadow from another time.

It is said he was the strongest, swiftest, and wisest of the Dakota Band called "Outlaw Wolves."

On the day he was finally taken down, the people came from miles to see this Giant. He was a heavy animal with a head larger than any other wolf. The people of that time stated that the slower weaker specimens had all been caught, and all that were left were the large smarter animals.

On his last day on this earth he was referred to as being from a race of Super-Wolves with an intelligence very close to human.

I have held on to this flute for a long time now. Though hundreds have past thru my hands, it will be hard to see "Three Toes" leave. When he makes his way to you, you will NEVER let him go.

My Grandfather's words while holding this flute yesterday evening, his eyes glazing over as he spoke the words: "This is what it's all about, making a flute come to life with a voice that honors all wolves. There is truly something about this one that goes straight to my heart. The wolf medicine has always been the best. It is a Legendary flute my grandson."



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