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Aloha to all from Your Brother Fox!

Many thanks to Little Daniel Blue Sky for helping me in the photos!

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Orange Exotic Padauk Flute Glows Like the Sun!!! Keyed to Am - This is the key all of my guitar Friends ask for! Features my dished finger holes, a 100% perfect mouthpc - so comfortable this flute will become an extension of yourself! Approx 21" in length. The voice is so AWESOME you will surely be in Love the very moment your breath enters the the flute's spirit! Tuned to absolute perfection using Virtual Strobe!!! Signed, dated, titled, and numbered.


The "Iiwi" is thought to have lived in the Pacific Islands for millions of years. It is one of more than fifty species of honeycreepers.

Ancient bird catchers smeared sap onto a branch under a blossom and when the Iiwi would come to sip the flower's nectar, it was caught! The bright red feathers were used to make capes, and all sorts of ornaments for the Chiefs, making this bird very Sacred to the Native peoples. Today this rare bird is scarce. Disease, habitat loss, and predation have taken it's toll on the Iiwi.

I have often said that a flute has been a blessing to me & my Family, but I cannot remember another which has blessed us more than the gift of this flute from the Mighty Creator of all that is!!!

Our journey with this flute has taking us well over 12,000 miles. Over a thousand people have heard it's voice!

It has played in Atlanta Ga, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City, Hawaii @ Kailua-Kona, Kalaoa, Kawaihae, Kapa'au, Waimea, Honomu, Hilo, Kilauea Caldera, & Ka Lae which is The Southernmost point of the USA.

Twice I have played the flute in the Volcanic Lava Tubes of Kilauea where a number of people gathered to listen. Many along the way say they have received a Blessing thru this flute's voice - Proof that Visions come True.

Once during a flight at some 34,000 ft., our aircraft lost power of two of the three electrical systems, and the pilot had to change course landing in Denver. This mechanical problem was the sole reason I would meet one of the most recognized artists of the Islands - Brother Ka'ahanui, a Native Hawaiian who's work is in major museums in the USA happened to have his flute with him, and he says to this day that the flutes were our connection. He is known throughout the Pacific Islands for his creations and has carved ivory, bone, wood of all sorts, and the bones and teeth of whales! Later I spent a whole day with Ka'ahanui! In his shop we shared secrets & he insists I have been a blessing to him, yet it is I who was truly Blessed without a doubt!!! His Sacred gifts to me are priceless! What are the chances of meeting him on the way to these Islands among the millions of travelers? It is no doubt the work of the Creator my Friends!

Later he revealed secret places of the Island where the waters teamed with fish - places that only the Native peoples know of - speaking much of his Ancestors which still today the "Aloha Spirit" resides. Brother Ka'ahanui has given me lifelong memories of this unique paradise on earth and I will never forget him. I have journeyed into the true essence of Hawaii where he weaves a story of the old and new, and my eyes witnessed places a normal visitor would never see. At the end of the day when returning to his home, there appeared in the eastern direction a rainbow which stretched a great distance and we could see it in whole - each end on both sides of the road as we drove thru the middle. My photo below does not even come close to showing the true beauty of this rainbow! Brother Ka'ahanui said it was a sign of the Ancestors - that they have given their Blessing upon us - that we are True Brothers.

One day as my family and I wondered down the Mountain roads of Holualoa we arrived at several very old shops. The people there spoke of ghosts & hauntings - each telling a different tale of some unexplainable event. Some were told with such detail - so believable, that we experienced chills running up our spines!

It was there in a shop of Holualoa that I met the most wonderful Lady, Elizabeth. She was surely an Angel! I picked up one of her large drums and began to play. She immediately remarked, "If you have never played a drum before, you are a natural!" :))

Come to find out she has had a lifelong desire to play the Native American Flute!!! A few days later, I called Elizabeth and she drove down for a visit near the sea. At first she could not play a note on the flute, but with very little help, within 45 minutes, she was running the scale! She now says she is hooked and plans to even carry Swampfox flutes in her shop there. Another blessing from Creator to my Family!

The waters around these Islands are as Crystal clear as this flute! :)) Snorkeling the coral reefs we saw many species of fish I have never seen before. The sea turtles came in great numbers!

In a place called Ka Lae the cliffs drop away to the sea and there can be found the pictographs of the Ancestors carved into the rocks . This is said to be the landing point of the first Polynesians and I was told there is evidence of human activity here from as early as 200 A.D.

At the Ka Lae cliffs the water is so clear one might be tempted to jump in for a swim, but never do this. A very swift current runs along the shore and will carry you straight out to sea. This is what happened to Chief Halaea who was carried away to his death. These currents are treacherous, and the next stop is Antartica!

My Friends, if you feel in your heart that this flute is to be yours, it will be. There will only be one "Iiwi" for sure.

And now for the words from this flute's time:

Expect and declare the Creator's favor over your life. As he lives in your heart, You become something special. People will go out of their way to help you and become your friend. Soon you will witness the Mighty Power before your very eyes! Because of faith, you have the favor of God himself! He will guide you thru life causing you to be at the right place, at the right time. You will be blessed, and blessed in abundance! If you do your part, the Creator will do his and you will have everything you need!

Remember, LOVE is the answer...

Forever your Brother, Swampfox



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