The Mysterious "Calumet"

Cutting Edge Technology...

A Vision of Peace From Creator...

Finest Cherry from the Black Hill Region of Pennsylvania....

A Swampfox Production

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Hello, I am Swampfox, one of the Keepers of The Sacred Tradition of Pipemaking. I truly believe we should preserve this tradition for future generations.

Thanks for all you do for us my Friends!!!!!

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Should you be the keeper of this flute and pipe, yet do not have paypal, simply send me an email and I will somehow work it out for you.

Please bid only if you feel in your heart that this is meant for you my Brothers and Sisters. I am not hungry for the sale, and the pipe of covenant is of the Holy and Sacred and can only be given to you - Combined with this deep bass flute, they sing the song of peace together.

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Baby Creesong was amazed when seeing this little totem!!!

There is but only one other flute in the world which carries my fingerprint on the barrel.

This MEGA-BORE weighs in @ approx 27" in length, a Giant with a very DEEP Clear Beautiful Voice!!! Cherry flute is keyed to LOW C#... Absolutely the best mouthpiece you will ever find! Perfectly dished finger holes for 100% comfort!!!

Feather has seen flight.

Totem is hand carved by me and is one piece.

Now this is the wonderful thing about this Large flute: Normally in a flute of this size bore, it takes a great amount of air flow to keep the flute in song...More than most people can sustain...I have remedied this problem, and this flute will play with the SLIGHTEST breath, much similar to a Swampfox G#, ( a medium sized flute)... You will not even know you are breathing to achieve top volume!!!

100% Perfect for the recording artist!!!!

Tuned using Virtual Strobe to absolute perfection. When I tune these flutes I am looking down the barrel at three different style tuners! UNBELIEVABLE CLEAR Concert Quality Voice, money back guarantee from Swampfox!!! Hear this AWESOME flute for yourself @ Swampfoxflutes.com soon to come, or send me an email, even if you only want to listen........ :))

Pipe bowl is Xtremely Hard Dogwood root - made to use and will withstand heat well! The tube of the calumet is Cherry,,,,,the crow beads hold the white feathers,,,, signed, dated, and numbered. Pipe made and dated year 2004. Packer in photo is also included!


Our Creator has given me the vision for this flute.

There was nothing more sacred, mysterious, or more esteemed than the calumet. It decided peace and war - the arbiter of life and death.

The calumet of peace was adorned with white feathers.

Pipe smoking took on a ritual and religious importance in many tribes. Some were made of stone, antler, and here in the south many were wood.

This is a very simple example of the pipe ceremonies:

In this area it is the Eastern direction that the pipe is first offered whence comes the light of the sun at daybreak. The sun was thought to give direction, guidance and enlightenment.

The pipe is then pointed to the South where in days of old lived the guardian spirit of growth after winter was over.

Next is West which is the direction of the spirit gateway where souls resided whom had crossed over to the other world.

The spirit of the North is where healing and purification was then addressed.

Creator was asked for assistance in the main prayer.

This prayer can be for a specific individual's needs, someone taking part in the circle, or for someone far away who needs a safe return. This ceremonie can also be for someone who has passed over. From person to person the pipe is passed. As the tobacco is offered to Creator, smoke travels upward - the prayer itself being wafted thru the smoke to the heavens.

If there is someone out there who needs Creator's help and wants to make contact thru the old ways, maybe this is the Calumet for you.

As long as it is used in a Sacred way, the pipe and flute can be used for many reasons.

In days of old it was forbidden to harm the man carrying the sacred pipe with white feathers - the bearer could go ANYWHERE without fear.

Words from this flute's time:

We must understand Creator is working in our lives even when we do not see anything happening. In fact, it is then that He often works the most when we see it and feel it the least. Your situation may look the same, but you must trust that He is at work behind the scenes.

And then, at some appointed time, everything that Creator has been doing for you will suddenly change your life for the better and you will be blessed beyond your imagination! These words from Creator are the Absolute Truth, and I have seen them come true before my own eyes!

Trust in our Creator. He wants to do something really big for you!

We Love you Guys!!!!!!!!!! Brother Fox



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