I have looked thru my records and noticed that only a few Swampfox flutes have been made in the key of G. This flute is the perfect size for just about anyone. It is approx. 21.5" in length with an ergonomically designed mouthpiece, dished finger holes (these holes are SO comfortable & you will have confidence on stage since the holes are so much easier to find and close properly), 7/8" bore dia., Vermilion Flycatcher totem, tuned to ABSOLUTE perfection, signed, numbered, and dated........

This flute is very responsive: PURE & CLEAR VOICE!!! If you are a recording artist my dished finger holes will also allow you to play complex note changes which involve two to six rapid note fingerings in a fraction of a second. You will not ever have to worry about breath control as this flute uses VERY minimal breath when using a continuous air stream between notes. Whether you're playing from the heart or recording your own music, this little flute will not let you down!


This is wild cherry my friends. It came from Sacred Indian land. There is something I need to tell you here and it is this...The wood is different than most, because it was struck by lightning for one thing. BUT, this is not the only reason you may want to consider this flute my Brothers and Sisters. When your breath fills the body of this dark Cherry flute and it goes into song, you will actually be playing an instrument from a tree that still lives to this day!!! Yes, at the base of this tree stump which is approx. 40 years in existence, in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, a tiny Cherry tree reaches for the sky at this very moment. This is some sort of miracle without a doubt!


Sorry for all these "bird" totems guys, but I have loved birds since I was four years old. :))

While heading down a mile long canal towards the open sea, we had to move slowly, not to make a wake. The sun was already peaking over the horizon and birds of all sorts were waking up to a new day. Pelicans sat on top of pilings with their large bills pointing straight down. Many types of sea gulls circled overhead looking for a free meal from our boat. Then at the end when we made the turn to head offshore, I saw the most beautiful little bird which seemed almost tame. I immediately radioed my brother in the boat behind us to check out this brilliant bright red bird. It had a beautiful little song so I knew it would be just perfect for a flute. After researching this species I found out it is called "brasita de fuego" meaning "little coal of fire." What a perfect name which describes exactly how it looked in the morning sun!


These two goose feathers will come with this flute....
As I took this little flute on it's very first journey to take these photos, and play it's flute prayer, I came across two feathers lying on the ground, one on top of the other. I picked them up and immediately felt the meaning of this sign. This represents someone out there who is looking for or has already found their soul mate, and wants to either gift them a flute or play love songs to them.
In closing I would like to say thanks to those who keep me building these flutes. You are wonderful people and we Love you all!!! I am thinking of you in each and every flute that is handed down from the Creator of all living things. May this one find it's place among the people,


I just wanted to take a moment and tell you guys about something that happened yesterday.

Two things actually:

A truly Great Lady emailed me asking about the Large Cherry Woodpecker flute, and she also called me to hear it's voice over the phone. Well, yesterday morning she had a visitor. Would you believe it was a Redheaded Woodpecker just outside her window!!!!!!!!!! It was also her deceased Father's birthday, and what makes this even more mysterious is the fact that it was my son's 5th birthday too!!!
In the end she won the flute and it is on it's way to her now. When a flute goes to the person it is meant to be for, it is a wonderful thing indeed!

Yesterday my little boy came to me, not too happy, and said, "Daddy, I just went over there and looked in the mirror, and I look just like I did when I was four!!! :))



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