Swampfox Raven Native American Flute Swirl Stick Cm PERFECTLY VOICED - CRYSTAL CLEAR - VIRTUAL STROBE 100%

For some reason recently I have been contacted by many well known flute makers. Among them was a truly good man named Dale of the Fallen Branch band. This flute is my tribute to You my Good Brother! :)) If the flutes you make sound as well as they look, their voices HAVE TO BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

If this is your Swampfox flute, do not let it get away, as it may be the only one I create like this. :)) I have truly enjoyed making it and everything about this flute has been a wonderful experience.

Flute is keyed to Cm - tuned to absolute perfection with my dished finger holes and a perfectly comfortable mouthpiece. The song is so clean and pure - you will not believe it is coming from this mountain swirl stick! :)) Flute is signed, numbered, titled and dated.

Sound soon to come to Swampfoxflutes.com

Baby Raven from the Appalachians!

It was once believed that these birds could smell the scent of death upon a person even before they died - A raven making a crying sound while perched on a teepee will overlook the next place where death will occur. Yet it was a Raven's feather that was used by old time medicine men to work with someone who was ill. The healer stroked their body, collecting and drawing out the negative energy to be shaken out and cleansed later. Very Powerful Medicine in days of old!



Although I have been miles into the Smoky Mountains to bring you this flute, and I have seen the baby ravens learning to fly from the cliffs, there is much more to this than meets the eye. This story of my Great Grandfather is now close to 100 years old!

My Great Grandfather lived most of his life in the foothills of the Appalachians - a man braver than any I've ever known. When I was 12 years he told me & my younger brother of the true tale - when he and another were up in those mountains and darkness suddenly fell upon them. He was not afraid of the darkness, but was more afraid for his & his friend's life than ever before!!! In all of his days, he would never forget what would happen that very night...

My Great Grandfather claimed that the mountains were haunted with the spirits of the Cherokee and the Catawba who once lived there in harmony until the trail of tears - their souls lingering in those Smoky Mountains for as long as the bodies had been alive.

But,,,,,,,,, this was not at all what he was afraid of that night!

You see, there was a mountain lion stalking them on the ledge just above. With no flashlight or weapon they were soon to become part of the food chain in the Appalachians!

When they moved, the creature would move, and the sound it made was that of terror.

The cat, a "panther" he called it, held them at bay from the ledge most of the night. He knew they were no match for the large cat. He said a man cannot know such an overpowering fear until faced with this type of situation in total darkness for many hours!

And just when he thought they would surely die, something they could hardly make out - possibly and old Cherokee spirit of ancient past, moved in the thicket above causing the panther to flee, yet when they tried to see what it was that had saved them, the spirit itself had vanished.

My Great Grandfather is buried in the foothills of those mountains. He walks the Appalachians with the same spirit which saved his life so many years ago.

"Appalachian" is a flute that once lived in this land of the Smokies just as my Grandfather did - the sacred ancestral home of the Mighty Cherokee Nation.




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