Swampfox Abstract Otter Native American Flute Key Bm

Thunder Water

A Swampfoxflutes Production

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Instrument grade Poplar flute is keyed to Bm with Abstract Otter totem. This is a Swampfox micro flute and due to it's size it is ready to go with you anywhere in this world! But do not let the small size fool you friends! This flute is so Loud and Crystal Clear that you will never have the need for a PA system!!! Features a perfectly comfortable mouthpiece with my dished finger holes! Otter totem appears wet as if in water. :)) Tuned using Virtual Strobe to dead zero all the way up. Titled, signed, numbered and dated.

Flute can be played by ANYONE, even if you have small hands, or a child that has shown an interest... Should someone decide to be the Keeper of this flute, you will for sure be 100% happy - money back guarentee by Swampfox!!!

Upon hearing this one, this very day, my Father said, "I cannot see how such a small flute could contain such volume! Just incredible!!"

It is a stick of dynamite, a powerhouse of flutes my Friends. My wife, Karen wanted to keep it for herself! Watch out now girl!


Recently we have had a family of otters swim in and although it has been fun watching them, they have had their fill of our catfish! I guess otters have to eat too, so we will hope they do not wear out their welcome. hehee..... The children love them and do not seem to mind if they eat everything we own!

These creatures are as explosive in the water as this flute's voice!!!

Woooooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


Now otters are not like a dog or cat! They are either sleeping or moving fast as lightning!!! Not much inbetween!

When we are around they want to know everything we are doing! And to them, it seems everything is either food or a new toy!!!

A friend of mine once said of his pet otter, "An otter never learns the meaning of the word NO. To an otter, NO means to stop for a moment, and begin again as soon as the coast is clear!!" Sounds just like my children!!! :))

I realize that I have created an otter recently, but I try to go with whatever is presented to me for the totems of these flutes during their time. This is a new design and my children and even Karen truly love it. Now that is saying something in itself. :))

To the old time Native Americans, I am told the otter represents earth and water, a balanced feminine energy. You will know if this is your flute. To the Keeper, it will make every day a better day!

Should you have any questions at all or would like to be a part of Swampfoxflutes with your stories, etc., please feel free to email me from ebay or my website for any reason at all. I try to check my mail at least every other day.

No matter who you are in this world, Remember, YOU have a Brother in Swampfox!



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